Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To Facebook ...On A Platter

Dear Facebook,

Your Reporting system, banning, reinstatement & 'investigative' systems/policies are terribly flawed. Should you ever actually have a human being read this, all you need do is cross-check the following 'user' IP's to find the fraudulent (two) primary scammers behind them all.
Check the IP's; it's a landline and easily traceable. There are actually more fake profiles, and countless groups and pages - but these are a good start. Chops has faith that even Facebook staff can figure this one out, and Gmail can help you should you need assistance. They don't like their email services being abused, either.  ;)

UPDATE: Apparently a number of the above Sybil-esque alt accounts have indeed been banned from Facebook. Unfortunately and predictably, several new ones have appeared to take their place. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Funny Pages

Following a well-deserved rest from the tedious and incessant cyberloonybin world of RM, Chops has decided to lighten the mood from the dreary boot-sucking mud-mirings of the past few months. Below are a few priceless gems written by RM, from her plagiarized collection of cut & paste formerly known as Beyond The Third Eye. Let's review a portion of what RM calls The Universal Laws.

Rochelle Moore, on Albert Einsteins Theory of Relativity (page 24):

'When trying to understand the law of relativity, our first principle to understand is in reality nothing is good or bad, it's just the way it should be in a perfect state of grace. The law of relativity states, if we practice relating our situations to something worse off than ourselves, then we'll always be happy and fulfilled.

This law gives us the ability to stay  connected to our hearts when proceeding to solve the situations and basically translates to "Nothing is good or bad until it's related to something of meaning to you."

To simplify the Law of Relativity for mere mortals within this law we find, the deeper we dig, that everything is relative to something and if used correctly we win.'
 Rochelle Moore, on The Law of Correspondence (pg. 26):
The Law of Correspondence means that your outer world will be a direct mirror reflection of your inner world and that you are totally in charge; whether you wish to be a victim or ecstatically happy. The Law of Correspondence is a foundation principle of virtually all religions and schools of thought; nothing can happen to you unless it corresponds to something inside you.

An example of this is people who are constantly in bad health. Their attitudes reflect what is going on inside their being and are caused by them.
 Rochelle Moore, on The Law of Vibration (pg 25-27):

The Law of Vibration playes a very huge part in understanding Universal Consciousness. If everything is vibrational and communication is instant between everything, if everything is tied together within the unity of energy, then we are all tied into the cosmic universe.

This Universal Law brings balance, fulfillment and harmony into our lives and a life without the Law of Polarity denies us the ability to fully experience our physical lives.

If you are experiencing illness and disease you also have within that situation the potential and possibility to experience vibrant health by making the conscious choice to do so.

Rochelle Moore, on the Law of Cause and Effect (pg. 28):

The Law of Cause and Effect states that absolutely everything happens for a reason.

The Law is more commonly known as Karma (see Karma one of my first books on Amazon) works the same for everyone at all times.

Karma expands. Once we have an imprint of action in our minds, it tends to be habit-forming. Then it becomes normal. You reap whatever you sew.
Rochelle Moore, on the Law of Attraction (pg. 31):

The main principle of  the Law of Attraction is "you get what you believe in."
Rochelle Moore, on the Law of Compensation (pg. 33):
The Law of Compensation translates to: "You will be compensated for your work." What you put out you will get back in return. Eventually, with all the right effort you can have anything you want. 

Some people's lives are cut short though, either because they give up and quit or just simply lack the vision and motivation to continue.
The Law of Compensation states that for every loss there is a gain and for everything we gain there must be a loss.

How fun was that, kids? And you thought the Creationists were funny.

In honor of the above hilarious mishmash of irrationality, illogic and perfectly splendid misundertanding of poor Albert in particular, I give you Rochelle Moore in another incarnation as a very short Thithilian:

If leaving offerings to Rochelle, please insure that they are her two favorites:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Character...you either have it or you don't..

Since Chops first began it's peek into the plagiarism of Rochelle Moore, much has happened, and the majority of it has played out in the virtual world of Facebook, where Moore has made her home for the last couple of years, forming group after group to try to garner fans (and book-buyers) from the pagan community.

Although she is well over 50 years old, she associates herself with the youngest and most naive of the pagan community, fostering friendships in private PM's, rarely saying anything on public boards. She & son Shaun have campaigned relentlessly against the Fluffy Bunny group who blew the plagiarism whistle (and has now had to go secret =EDIT Update: they finally managed to get the Fluffies group banned from FB=), successfully getting at least 15 people and 2-3 groups banned. Her and her son apparently have 30+ Facebook alts (Chops has a report that her husband, Richard - the former 'Kashmir Agents for author Rochelle Moore' - left her shortly after the plagiarism became public), and at least 15 groups and pages between them, covering paganism, marijuana, violent Irish nationalism and hate speech against England and Jews. They still have Irish tourism pages and groups, although after the Midsummer event fiasco, they deleted the tour 'company' gmail and associated PayPal account -rather quickly- after the organizations in both Ireland and the UK that monitor scams and tourism fraud were notified of their activities.

Anyone who criticizes her (or even discusses the plagiarism) is accused of witch hunting and subsequently attacked, smeared, lied about and Reported until they can kick in the automated Facebook ban system, which simply operates on an automated algorythm: xx numbers of Reports and an account is closed. No oversight, no human checks to see what's going on; if you can log into enough accounts and click Report enough times, you can get someones account instantly banned. (Way to go, Facebook; stellar asinine system.).

They have abused the Facebook system and intent of the site tremendously; we hope at some point Facebook will finally take notice!, and do a simple IP check on all those phony accounts, because what they are doing, essentially, is using Facebook to deceive and bully people, and possibly defraud them to boot

Oh yeah, and Chops is now on their target list. ;)  Mom's so proud!

"Also - we now have a new objective against Butt N Chops who are witch harassers"

You can see that here, their hate site designed to generate false 'pagan outrage' against the Fluffy Bunny group and Andborough Publishers; under the guise of ending all pagan and witch discrimination. Click See more to the left in their group info.

Chops can demonstrate Rochelle's character, however.

 Rochelle Moore claims she took 'Poppy Wild"s photo in NY:

(Poppy is an alt of theirs). The 'photo' Rochelle claims she took of her friend Poppy in New York   ....is a still from The Forbidden Kingdom, a 2008 Jackie Chan movie, filmed in China. The actress is Ni Chang (Li Bing Bing), the photo credit: Chan Kam Chuen. Taken in China. Please note that Elvira, Frederick, Poppy and Moore are all the same persons; either Moore or her son Shaun.

Then we have the sweet and emotional claim that this woman (another Moore alt), below:

 is "my late mother Dawn, a brilliant psychic."

Except the photo is of Mrs. B, a famous UK fashion icon who owns the chain of Brown's UK couture stores, very much alive:

..and so on. Chops could fill pages with this sort of deceits. You get the idea.

Soo...the wheel turns, the piper calls, and rumor has it that there are numerous lawsuits in the works against this dotty woman. Karma, and the Rule of Three - two oft-repeated and favorite phrases of Rochelles, appear to be preparing to pay a personal visit to her. We hope she'll be able to appreciate the irony.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moore Loses It Completely

Today's new offering on Rochelle Moore's private Facebook group:

"Report them all!"
 Lovely, isn't she?  ;) (FYI: Emily is Rochelle)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Starclear Takes A Hike

 Following Jeffrey Seelman's retraction regarding Rochelle Moore, which can be heard here, he was asked a few questions regarding his statement on the Facebook group, Fluffies.

The post follows (transcription of Jeffrey's audio retraction is in blue). Jefforcist and his girl/StarClear partner , Amy Lamb, had been in Fluffies chatting it up since just before he discovered Moore had plagarised his work, too.

The post:
I have some issues with Jeffreys statement.

Jeffery: "...we did get a barrage of people in the chatroom and ...-snip-...saying 'hey, don't have this person on, we have some proof that she's a plagiarist." Well, you know, I looked, very hard, and found that among some true statements were some statements that wer NOT true and so I had to make a decision whether or not to have this person on because um in and around some true statements were actually some statements that were not accurate so I made a decision to go ahead and have this person on.."

".. and ..it wasn't until - I mean the interview went fine - it wasn't really until several days afterwards that we were contacted by the actual publisher who had finally run a plagiarism report on Rochelle Moore and found out that indeed she was plagiarizing other authors works. And so uh we felt terrible. But among this information -and of course I wanted just to leave this go and not continue with this and move on with StarClear radio we're a positive show, we're positive people
..so my idea was to essentially move on. Amy did some more digging, and between her and the publishers, found out that I was one of the people she had plagiarized..and..so that's why ..it was really quite shocking. -snip-"

"And so, unfortunately we had this person on on June 5th that we have to apologise for - there was no way for us to know she was a plagiarist at the time,"

Except that by your own admission, you had access, prior to the show, to information. You state that you found true info. You were also sent the Bustin' Chops blog, where numerous examples of Moore's plagiarism are documented, cited, sourced and proven for anyone who chose to look. Despite this, you accused the people who were trying to show you of being malicious.

I am also curious what information you were given that was untrue..?
Jeffery: :" But it's kind of interesting that, because of the radio show that we did, it actually set things into motion where the publisher of her latest book where she plagiarized my work and other authors as well, many other authors, that she was discovered. "
Er, no. Fluffies and the publishers were on this while you were still posting your support of Moore. This is rather offensive to all the people who have worked for 2-3 years to expose her plagiarism, Jeffrey.
Jeffery: "So some good finally did come out of this. At least we know that she is a plagiarist, it could be proven, all the reports have been done and her publisher has formally announced this. So we can safely talk about this, we're not making accusations that are unfounded here, her book has been pulled.. -snip- "

I ask again - what accusations regarding Moore did you receive that were unfounded, either before or during the June 5th show?
 Unfortunately, Jefforcist and his Amy decided that this was far too direct a conversation, deleted all their posts and left the group. We feel that Jefforcist has tried to rewrite things to benefit his own image and cover his own arse; which is understandable, but by doing so he inadvertently accused others of falsehoods & maliciousness, and assumed a role in the Moore bust that didn't exist.

The publisher had publically announced the plagiarism on June 17th; Jefforcist was still posting the following support statement (in various groups and emails/PM's) on June 20th -in response to the plagiarism bust:

 They had variously stated that they did look into the warnings before the show, that they didn't have time, and several other versions between the two. That they have deleted all their posts from the Fluffy group so that their previous words could not be seen, speaks volumes as to their credibility.

Obviously, they felt foolish since they had previously been warned, and even after the publishers issued their public statement, they still backed the losing horse. ..and, and ..what about those 'Advanced Psychic Powers?' Guess they only work after invoking PayPal or moneybookers. Chops is willing to bet that they were in contact with Moore since before the June 5th show when they were first warned about her, and chose to believe her in the face of all evidence - including the publishers statement-, until Jeffrey discovered she has stolen from his work, too.

Classic schadenfreude.

We stand by our initial impression and opinion, that these two featherheads are full of baloney, and have about as much 'psychic power' between them as a chicken has dingleberries. Beware, vulnerable people.

Update: Apparently, following a disappearing act by Jeffery for a period of time, Amy and the Jefforcist are no longer riding the psychic wavelength in the Batmobile together. Amy has disappeared from StarClear's pages; hence the above links referencing her pages are now broken.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beyond The Third Eye, Rochelle Moore: Plagiarism Examined

Chops has obtained a copy of Rochelle Moore's Beyond The Third Eye, which was pulled from the market by it's publisher, Andborough Publishing, for plagiarism on June 17th.

Chops has used its own third eye and examined page 17. Here is our side-by-side comparison of Moore's Beyond The Third Eye, page 17, and the original sources. The original sources are scanned books that can be found online and read in their entirety. Moore's book quotations are in grey, originals in blue. This is the entire text of Moore's page 17, reproduced here word for word.

Beyond The Third Eye, pg. 17:
is reserved to receive pagans and idolators, whilst the seventh, the most severe place of punishment within the lowest depths of the abyss, is called Hooviat, and reserved for the hypocritical professors of religion." 

Faiths of The World: An Account of All Religions and Religious Sects, pg 17 
"..will receive pagans and idolators, while the seventh, the severest place of punishment in the lowest depths of the abyss, is named Hooviat, and reserved for the hypocritical professors of religion."

(Chops note: The paragraph that precedes the above starts on page 16 of Beyond The Third Eye, and is from the same source.)

Beyond The Third Eye, pg. 17:
The Hindus believe in a graduated scale of future punishments as well as rewards: "The less wicked being sunk into a lower position in the next birth (reincarnation), the more wicked being sent down to one or another of the innumerable Hells, to reappear on earth in mineral, animal and vegetable forms before they rise to the human form. The most wicked of all beings are doomed to experince the misery and woe and perdition until the time of all dissolution of all things."

Faiths of The World: An Account of All Religions and Religious Sects, pg 17 
(carries over to pg.18)

The Hindus believe in a graduated scale of future punishments as well as rewards: "The less wicked being sunk into a lower position in the next birth (reincarnation), the more wicked being sent down to one or another of the innumerable Hells, to reappear, however, on earth in mineral, animal and vegetable forms before they rise to the human, the most wicked of all beings are doomed to experience the misery and woe and perdition till the time of the dissolution of all things."
Beyond The Third Eye, pg. 17:
The Buddhist tradition has a system of eight principal narakas, or places of torment, all of them situated in the interior of the earth and "so enclosed it makes it impossible for escape."

Faiths of The World: An Account of All Religions and Religious Sects, pg 18 
"According to the system of the Budhists there are eight principle narakas, or places of torment, all of them situated in the interior of the earth and so enclosed that there is no possibility of escape from it."
Beyond The Third Eye, pg. 17:Gnostics (gnosis, knowledge), the general name applied to various classes of pagans or heretics, arouse in the early period of the Christian Church. They derived from the school of philosophy and denoted a higher and esoteric science which was designed to express the superiority of their doctrines to those of the pagans and Jewish.

Faiths of The World, Part 2, by James Gardner, pg 977
"GNOSTICS (Gr. gnosis, knowledge) the general name applied to various classes of heretics, which arose at an early period of the Christian Church. The word from which their name is derived, had been previously used in schools of philosophy, to denote a higher and esoteric science, unknown to the vulgar.
As used by the Gnostics themselves, however, it was designed to express the superiority of their doctrines to those of the Pagans and Jews.."
Beyond The Third Eye, pg. 17:
The system of Gnosticism refers to to two fixed historical centers, Syria and Egypt. Hence, there was a marked difference between the Syrian and Alexandrian Gnosis, the former being characterized by a predominance of Dualism, the latter by a predominance of Pantheism.

Faiths of The World, Part 2, by James Gardner, pg 977
"The systems of Gnosticism were various, all of them referable to two fixed historical centers, Syria and Egypt. Hence, there was a marked difference between the Syrian and Alexandrian Gnosis, the former being characterized by a predominance of Dualism, the latter by a predominance of Pantheism.
Beyond The Third Eye, pg. 17:
It is impossible to even cursorily examine Gnosticism in the diversified aspect which it assumes, without being at almost every point, reminded of the old religious systems of Asia, Buddhism, Parsiam and Brahmanism.

Faiths of The World, Part 2, by James Gardner, pg 977
"It is impossible even to cursorily examine Gnosticism in the diversified aspect which it assumes, without being at almost every point, reminded of the old religious systems of Asia, Buddhism, Parsiam and Brahmanism."
Beyond The Third Eye, pg. 17:
Gnostics believed in intuitions and symbols rather than conceptions. In the eye of the Gnostic "everything became hypostatized," which, to the Western thinker existed only as a conception.

Faiths of The World, Part 2, by James Gardner, pg 977
They moved rather amidst intuitions and symbols than conceptions.
In the eye of the Gnostic "everything became hypostatized," which, to the Western thinker existed only as a conception."
Beyond The Third Eye, pg. 17:
The foundation of most of the Gnostic system lies in the idea of two different and opposite worlds, the one "region of light", the other "region of darkness"; one is a region of purity and the other of sin, a superior world and an inferior world. The primal source of being was the Bythos (like the Brahm) of Hinduism in which

Faiths of The World, Part 2, by James Gardner, pg 977 
"Hence at the foundation of most of the Gnostic system lies the idea of two different and opposite worlds, the one the region of light, the other of darkness; the one the region of purity and the other of sin; the one the region of happiness, the other of wretchedness; the one the region of immortality, the other of mortality."
"...thus giving rise to the superior world."
"...thus giving rise to the inferior  world."

 Faiths of The World, Part 2, by James Gardner, pg 978
"The primal source of being, according to the chief Gnostic systems, was the Bythos (which see), which like the Brahm (which see) of Hinduism was .."
(Chops note: this paragraph in Beyond The Third Eye continues to page 18, copying Gardners work for another entire paragraph.) 

I find this literally astounding. With the exception of a changed or rearranged word or two, virtually the entire page is another authors work. There is no citation, credit, mention, quote marks, block quote, lead-in or anything to indicate that this was someone else's work.

In the back of Moore's book, there is a Resources section. Here are the first seven listings, exactly as shown in the book:

Books of Kells-History, Mythology and Symbols
Natural Science Museum of the Human Body
Zigmund Freud theories
Rhythms and Cycles of Life www.SmithsonianInstitute.com
The Faiths and Cultures of of The World circa 1870
The History of The Roman Empire
The Legend of King Arthur

If one looks up The Faiths and Cultures of of The World circa 1870, there is no such book, website or listing that would lead one to the original author or current publishers (even when I already knew the source), nor is there any way to know which material in the book is attributable to not just that 'Resource', but any of the others, either - at least 2/3rds of which are website listings - most of which are defunct or lead to open DNS pages.

This leads me to deepen my original suspicion that Moore basically sits at a computer grabbing whatever she wants from the internet, cobbling it together in often nonsensical ways, and then promoting it as her own work.

Here is the current publisher of (Rev.) James Gardners very old works:

Kessinger Publishing
PO Box 160
Kila, MT 59920
(406) 756-0167
email: books@kessingerpub.com

UPDATE: Rochelle Moore, through her Facebook alt 'Elvira Summerland,' has accused us of not posting her entire Resources list; the implication being that this authors works are indeed listed. A picture being worth a thousand words, I have included scans of page 17, and all three pages of her Resources. Seek, and you shall not find. Chops had given her the benefit of the doubt and assumed The Faiths and Cultures of of The World circa 1870, #5 in her Resources as posted above, was the reference for this work, inaccurate as that Resource is, it was close. Since she is implying that the actual reference is elsewhere in her Resources, I invite you to find it; I cannot.

Page 17, scanned (yellow highlights are the stolen James Gardner work):

 All three pages of her Resources:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Statement by Jeffrey Seelman

"Dear Fluffy Bunnies,
Below is my statement, and I have sent this to Rochelle Moore and many other people. You have my permission to spread the word.

Rochelle Moore I am calling you out. You are a warlock* and traitor to all witches and authors. You have stolen my work and profited from it. Below is my statement and proof.

My name is Jeffrey Seelman. I am a professional psychic and exorcist who lives in the United States. Rochelle Moore has plagiarized my work. The proof of her plagiarism is included below. There are many other examples in the book: "Beyond the Third Eye" of Rochelle Moore's plagiarism. I have decided to contact an attorney and Interpol. I have a copy of her book, and there is no denying her criminal actions. My interview with Russia's Pravda was conducted by e-mail with the editor of Pravda in June 2007, and I have every single original e-mail to prove that every single word was my own, and mine alone. I am also going to contact Russia's Pravda. In an earlier post, I tried to defend Rochelle Moore, who appeared on my radio show June 5, 2010. Since then, I have received irrefutable proof that Rochelle Moore is a plagiarist.

From Beyond The Third Eye
Page 117

"It is natural for us to want to communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed on."

"Most people communicate with Ghosts and Spirits during sleep. During our
waking state, certain emotionally charged environments like old buildings, homes and apartments, violent activity or crime scenes, severe substance abuse, anger and depressive states of mind, can create an atmosphere where ghosts can be seen more easily. We all generate and release emotional energy into our environments. This can accumulate in our living and working environments, and attract ghosts."

Compared to:
My Pravda Article

"It is natural for us to want to communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed on. Most people communicate with ghosts during sleep. During our waking state, certain emotionally charged environments like old buildings, homes and apartments, violent activity or crime scenes, severe substance abuse, anger and depressive states of mind, can create an atmosphere where ghosts can be seen more easily. We all generate and release emotional energy into our environments. This can accumulate in our living and working environments, and attract ghosts."


From an article based on the interview with Jeffrey Seelman, Expert on Exorcism, Spiritual Energy And Paranormal Investigations.


Beyond The Third Eye
Page 118
Negative ghost, or ghost with bad intentions, do attack individuals, families, businesses, groups and they feed on fear, anger and rage. Negative ghosts are often territorial and attach themselves to property and people where they try to affect those on emotional levels in negative ways.

Compared to:
My Pravda Article:

"Negative ghosts, or ghost with bad intentions, do attack individuals, families, businesses, and groups. They can also be territorial and attach themselves to property. Negative ghosts feed on fear, anger and rage."

From an article based on the interview with Jeffrey Seelman, Expert on Exorcism, Spiritual Energy and Paranormal Investigations.


Jeffrey Seelman"

Chops applauds you for pursuing your legal rights in this matter, Jeffrey. Moore has gotten away with her plagiarisms for years because she was considered too small for the big publishers to deal with (such as Llewellyn), and many individual writers who had internet work stolen simply didn't know how to pursue her, or how to discover her real identity. Good luck, and keep us posted if you will.

*Amy explained that Jeffrey means "oathbreaker" or "deceiver" by his usage of the word 'warlock.'


Amy Lamb Statement of Apology and Retraction

"On June 5, 2010, STARCLEAR Radio featured Irish Witch Rochelle Moore as a guest. We recommended her latest book, “Beyond The Third Eye”, to our listeners, and directed them to where to go to purchase it.

Subsequent to the show, on June 17, 2010, Rochelle Moore’s publisher, Andborough Publishing LLC at www.andborough.com, made the announcement they had dropped RM as an author and pulled her book off the market due to plagiarism.

Upon contacting her former publisher, they (Robert and Pamela Yarborough) provided us with hard evidence of plagiarism.

Even more shocking was the evidence provided that RM had plagiarized an interview that Jeffrey Seelman had done with Russian online magazine, Pravda in 2007. Here is Jeffrey’s article, which he did for zero compensation:


Jeffrey still retains the original emails with Russian editor Aleksey Naumov, and we have forwarded these emails to the Yarboroughs so that they would have hard evidence in return from STARCLEAR.

For all of our STARCLEAR Radio listeners who, because of the show, or our recommendations, went out and bought Rochelle Moore’s “Beyond The Third Eye”, or any of her previous book publishings, we are deeply sorry. We regret having this person as a guest on our show and we regret recommending a book which we later found out to be nearly a complete cut-and-paste job that stole many good people's words for pure profit.

To RM:
I will let Jeffrey handle the bulk of addressing you, as it is his right, it was his words that were stolen, and therefore I will only say a few things here. You are not an author. Publishing cut-and-paste books and profiting off of them is stealing, not authoring. Operating like this hurts people. It hurts people who have worked very hard. When you make money from stealing words, you literally steal money from honest people’s pockets, and that is why plagiarism is a crime. You must stop this. No one knows more than I do how hard it is to make a living in this world. But this is not the way to do it. No matter how difficult your situation, sinking to criminal behavior is never ok. Please seek help to change your behavior, and to try to take responsibility for your actions. If you don’t, a court of law would have no trouble forcing you to take responsibility for your actions.

To Pamela and Robert Yarborough:
You are good and decent and honest people. We trust you completely. You have been wronged by RM as well as Jeffrey and I have been wronged by RM. You have been open, honest, and very supportive and cooperative in providing all of us with solid proof and indisputable evidence. We hope your publishing company has all the success in the world in the future. We hope everyone reading this will continue to support Andborough Publishing, as we plan to.

To the Fluffy Bunnies:
I have come to love this rogue band of justice-doers. While I cannot say I support your guerilla-style tactics, your hearts are in the right place. I operate out of a “justice theme” myself, so I understand. It is no coincidence that we have all been brought together in this scenario in order to right a wrong.

You all knew the truth. You were right.

I am so sorry for how frustrating it must have been to know the truth, yet not to be listened to. I am so sorry you knew the truth, yet had to watch, powerless, as RM sold more books, published more books, gathered more and more followers (some of whom have been unkind to you), and made media appearances.

It had to be incredibly frustrating for you, and I empathize greatly with you.

You can feel proud that it was by your persistence ALONE that was the catalyst to the truth becoming known. I am humbled and glad for the apologies, kind words of support, and good humor you all have expressed which have “carried” Jeffrey and I as we went through this gut-wrenching revelation.

Proud Bunnies carry on"
Amy Lamb 

Thanks, Amy. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Play's The Thing

In a painful and ironic twist of fate, Jeffrey Seelman, the StarClear host who interviewed Rochelle Moore on June 5, 2010 (see article), has just discovered that Rochelle stole at least two paragraphs of his that had been written for a Pravda article in 2007, and included them in her Beyond The Third Eye book, which was pulled from the market last Thursday for plagiarism by publisher Andborough Publishing.

Chop's is stunned. While we have known of her many plagiarisms, the sheer hubris of appearing on someone's show, with a host whose material you stole, is dumbfounding. We are fairly sure Moore had no idea this was the man she had stolen from; very few people could be that crass, and we doubt Moore keeps extensive lists of her purloined material sources.

We extend our sympathy to Jeffrey - and Amy, who was very upset at this news -; it was a cruel trick to have been played out on them, especially after publically defending Moore at this time.We wish him our best, and hope he will pursue the issue in a court of law. Moore profited from Jeffrey's writings; the piper is calling and he wants his due.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moore Damage Control

 The first post gives you an idea of what Rochelle Moore is fabricating on all her Facebook groups (and spamming emails) to try to cover her arse on this plagiarism bust.

Poster: I've never read anything put out by this author or publishing company, BUT...mails I've received from the author's fanclub stated the reason for the 25% was because they cut out several pages of end notes and sourcing footnotes to reduce the page count to a more compatible size for cheaper publishing of the book. The lower number from the new publisher may be with the source citations re-added by the new publisher. The fanclub also has said the complaints all came from 1 coven group that has a personal vendetta against the author for some reason. I don't know today is the first I've heard of them.
Response from Robert Yarborough, Andborough Publishing:
Andborough Publishing did NOT cut any pages, end notes or footnotes to reduce page count. We still have all emails and electronic submissions chapter by chapter as sent from the author.

Go back and read my earlier post concerning the 25% and resource pages...not a factor.

Also, go check my post concerning plagiarism in general. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=16959&post=89071&uid=261263618178#post89071

and the release:

To the first poster: regardless of where the complaints came from... Rochelle Moore is a plagiarist. Does it matter who calls the cops to tell them your house is being burglarized? The sole problem that a number of people in the pagan community have with Rochelle is that she is scamming to profit off the pagan community, and it's been known for a number of years.

Source for the comments preceding mine.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Siobhan/Rochelle Responds. On a blog.

Siobhan/Rochelle left this on Cymraes blog, in response to the reveal of her plagiarism on 6/17/10, and the publishers public announcement. I have reprinted this as she clearly states it is her 'official statement' and therefore is open to the public. She is also sending this to as many Facebook people as possible:

" June 19, 2010 at 1:30 pm Rochelle Moore

Dear lesley

here is a copy of my reply to Andborough Publishing and my official statement

“Dear Pamela/Robert,

It is is great distress that I read your posting on Andborough Publishing site. This book was fully vetted prior to publication as you are well aware from my email re: Resources. All material has been checked and cross-checked prior to you receiving same and I also informed you of the importance of having the Resources at the back of the book (in another email) to avoid this very situation. I am just back from Galway and on my way to Tara Hill for the Solstice celebrations however, I have arranged a meeting with my Solicitor for early Monday morning."

Duly noted that she does not address the fact that entire paragraphs in her book were stolen from other authors, and NOT given credit - hence why the book was pulled for plagiarism. Obfuscation.

"I personally pointed you towards the Coven of the Fluffy Bunnies site to show you false accusations and the fake photographs placed there by various people I also told you I would write to them once and once only and I intend to to this today. My new publishers have looke over BTTE and more importantly, the Resources section at the end of the book and they too have read your own posting on Andborough Publishing site however, unlike your company who as you yourself quoted as reacting in a “rash manner” in an email to The Agency; they seem extremely content that all aread of so called “plagarism” is not only completely unfounded but quite “unprofessional from a publishers point of view”. This does not auger well for Andborough who seem to have reacted “on a personal rather than a professional manner” and they are extremely happy to re-published the book with “complete editing which is, once again in their words “very unprofessional”.

I am at home this morning after a rushed journey back from Galway to deal with this situation and I hope that you see sense and retract this statement from your site outherwise I have no option than to take matters further. It is a shame that such a spiritual person has listened to people with false identities, an eye-opener that Andborough Published such a liabelous accusation based on “personal reaction” to the Fluffy Bunny site however, with regard to my book and my reputation, unless you see sense and calm down – bring back the spiritual person I believed I was dealing with over the past year, then I have no alternative than to clear my name publically."

Amazing accomplishments. Was traveling from Galway, claimed she was offline until the 20th, yet somehow has managed to see Andborough's release, have a flurry of nasty emails back and forth with Pamela (owner of Andborough) since Thursday, communicate and see what "The Agents" have been doing, contact a new publisher, they've already reviewed the entire book & agreed to publish, attempted damage control on her many Facebook accounts, deleting notices about the plagiarism, making groups private to hide info, come to several blogs to do damage control, etc. All this in a day and a half while not home; Andborough's statement was released at 7pm on Thursday, June 17th. Must be magic! ;)

Note 'gaslighting' attempt to Pamela.

"This is my one and only statement to the members of the Coven of the Fluffy Bunnies, as outlined to you “I will post once and once only” as I do not respect people who deliberately try to harass, threaten and write in under false names “even in my name as shown above”. I believe all of you have a lot of soul searching to do and I wish you well. My book will be reprinted exactly as is by my new publisher later on in the year after they have completed a professional edit and spell check e.g.: in the Resources site “the hold bible” instead of “the holy bible”.

Rochelle Moore “

To those of us in the know, this is hilarious, as Moore has at least 20 fake accounts that we know of on Facebook, which repeatedly spam her books everywhere, and even more on Gather, Bebo, Associated Content, etc. If some people have alternate identities on Facebook, it's to protect their real identities/family and friends, as Moore is brutal about getting people banned if anyone even questions a statement by her, disagrees or asks for a source. She keeps the 'Rochelle Moore' identity sweet as pie (gotta sell those books!), but the emails and posts in her other names are vicious; and all display the identical misspellings, lack of punctuation, capitalization (see first line of her 'statement above) and odd grammatical errors.

What she doesn't like is the truth.

No publisher would reproduce plagiarized content; they would be liable after a book was already pulled from the market for it and dropped by one publishing house. Should she self-publish with the same stolen content, she will be liable personally. For her to attempt to portray Andborough as if they didn't have a legitimate reason to pull her book is shameful.

Rochelle, we'll say it for the hundredth time; you steal other people's work, you lie, and have been doing so for years; you are scamming the pagan community for money. I invite you to this blog to disprove each example of your plagiarism on these many pages; you don't even need to register to comment.

Here's just one of many examples of her scamming. She obviously forgot she was on her main Associated Content ID when she left two comments praising one of her books:

The above is till up here. Surely not for long; Rochelle will pull the article off Associated Content when she gets wind of this faux pas.

I hope the Druids do a cleansing at Tara after she leaves - if indeed she goes. She's been very, very busy online the last few days for someone who supposedly just rushed home this morning to deal with all this. ;) (Where 'home' is is also the question, since in her previous StarClear radio interview she stated she had not been in Ireland in two years and was planning on going to Tara for Solstice.)

EDIT UPDATE: The two comments have been removed by Rochelle. ;)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Rochelle Moore - 'Beyond The Third Eye' book pulled from market for plagiarism

  ~  Lady Macbeth: "Out, damned spot! out, I say!  One; two: why, then, ’tis time to do ’t.  Hell is murky!"  ~
Andborough Publishing  has pulled Beyond The Third Eye from the market for plagiarism. We wish to applaud Andborough Publishing for this effort, and wish them continued success with legitimate authors. Please support them in this ethical decision by purchasing from them if they have a title you are interested in.

This is a major milestone in the five-year effort to show Moore for the plagiarist that she is, and we strongly encourage that the word be passed forward on this, and especially within the pagan community that she primarily targets.

For those who gave us all such a hard time over our whistle-blowing over the last few years:

We told you so.

And for the folks over at Andborough Publishing who are now experiencing the same threats and nastiness from Moore & Co that we have for years, we are sorry you have to deal with it, too.


- public statement released from Andborough Publishing, this afternoon:

Beyond the Third Eye Pulled from Publication

It is unfortunate but we have pulled the book Beyond the Third Eye by Rochelle Moore from publication.  After hearing complaints from readers we put the book through a plagiarism scanner and it produced a rating of 25%.  According to the software manufacture, any rating above 21% is highly suspect of plagiarism.
We conducted a random inspection of several passages the software identified as suspect and found word-for-word duplication from works that predated the book. No attribution was given for these passages.  The duplicated material varied in length from several sentences to multiple paragraphs.
This is truly unfortunate and will force us to change how we handle new manuscripts. In the past our authors sign a publishing agreement that states:
“a) Author warrants that Author is the author and sole owner of the Work or was assigned the rights delineated above; that it is original and contains no matter unlawful in its content, nor does it violate the rights of any third party including but not limited to rights of privacy, rights of publicity, libel or infringement of copyright or any other rights; that the Work is not in the public domain. Author also warrants that these rights are owned or controlled by him without encumbrance and that Author has full power to grant the listed rights to Publisher.”
We worked from a position of “Good Faith” that the authors were who and what they claim they are and had the rights to the work they presented as original.  Now we will have to put every manuscript to the test.  Thankfully modern technology has provided us a way to scan and compare against other digital works, it does however limit us to only digital comparisons.
We’ve had several people ask why didn’t we vet our authors better. Vetting in the publishing world is fact checking and fact checking is so time consuming that even local newspaper forgo this and expect the authors/writers to check their own facts. This is the case with large publishing houses as well.  A recent article in The New York Times tells the problems that befell Henry Holt & Company recently.  Not only did the author make up facts in the book but embellished his own credentials.
This was a sad week at Andborough Publishing. Our apologies."

We have also been told by Andborough that Moore does not own the rights to the cover image of Beyond The Third Eye, and her continued use and display of the book as it currently appears is illegal.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Malleus Maleficarum - Possibly One of the Most Bloodstained Document in the History of Our World"

Let's take a quick peek at  the RM's Malleus info.  (If you wish to see the original, just search the post title.)

RM writes: "Malleus Maleficarum - Possibly One of the Most Bloodstained Document in the History of Our World 
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM (hammer of the Witches) is possibly, one of the most bloodstained document in the history of our world. This book was originally written in Latin in 1487 by two supposedly learned and highly respected experts on the subject of Witchcraft. The Malleus, co-written by Henry Kramer and James Sperenger, was the "rulebook" for the detention and persecution of Witches."
I have a problem with the hyperbole applied above.

Amongst a certain type (or two) floating amidst the pagan community, it is fashionable to try to generate affinity for 'the persecuted witches of yore' (nevermind that they were almost all avowed Xtians); and the less-ethical will frequently use this fabrication to generate a cultish group-think; an 'us/them' mentality amongst their followers. We heard this all the time in the daft Burning Times* discussions of 20 years ago, in which historical fact and context were abandoned for the sake of establishing an artificial, consistent 'witch history.' Today, thankfully, most of the pagan community is well aware of the error in the above, and are much more aware of historical facts. However, there are those who still spread misinformation (scroll down at link) and seek sensationalism for their own purposes; even using the word Holocaust - as if the religious upheavals of the time had specifically targeted non-Xtians.
Malleus was not written 'by two supposedly learned and highly respected experts on the subject of Witchcraft.'  It was written by  Heinrich (not 'Henry') Kramer. It is in doubt amongst scholars that James (Jakob) Sprenger (not 'Sperenger') had little or anything to do with it's authorship, but was associated with it, by Kramer, to try to lend authenticity to his work.
Kramer, who was an Inquisitor in Germany, was denounced by the Inquisition in 1490 - a mere three years after he published Malleus. Apparently frustrated (and quite possibly a misogynist), he made one of the first attempts at a systematic persecution of witches in the region of Tyrol, Spain in 1484. It failed miserably, with Kramer being thrown out of the territory, and called a senile old man by the area bishop.***
It has been speculated** that writing the Malleus immediately after this event was both his revenge and self-justification. It was certainly an effort at fear-mongering, and the Gutenberg press provided for it's larger distribution. Most importantly, it threw down the gauntlet amongst the wavering Xtian factions as to whether or not witches did indeed exist and/or have evil powers - a point wavered on amongst the Xtian leadership for centuries - and clearly demonized those that would oppose this view.
The Malleus in no way represents any kind of pagan persecution, and to present it as such is ludicrous and uninformed; it was a political machination. It represents the religio-political conflicts of the Reformation (and conflict between Church canon and doctrine) - and one old, angry and likely sadistic man at odds with his religious leadership. 
RM writes:    "As the centuries rolled on, after the publication of the Malleus, punishment for heretics became more violent. When the Court of the Inquisition was founded, a bloody crusade was established."
Misleading and factually wrong. The German theologian, Johannes Nider's treatise, Formicarius, of 1437 clearly establishes that torture and trials involving witchcraft accusations (largely secular) were already in place by the early 15th century; half a century before Malleus. The Malleus had no relationship with the founding of the Inquisitional Court, which was founded in 1231; not to persecute, but to standardize heresy trials by insuring that a qualified Church representative, not a layman, would be assessing ones heresy and salvation potential.
Perhaps RM only looked at the Spanish Inquisition; but that still wouldn't be accurate, as it's primary persecution was the Jewish population.
It may also be useful to note that charges of heresy included coin counterfeiting and adultery, and were primarily handled by secular courts. Men were hanged, women were strangled/hanged and then burned, upon  conviction. Only a few countries burned anyone alive for heretic charges, most notably southwest Germany. (Apparently the practice of burning post-mortem ceased in England after a woman convicted of heresy did not die of the preceding strangulation, and public pressure to cease such a punishment ensued after witnesses observed her hideous death.)
In conclusion, know your history and/or do your own research. Anyone can get a book listed on Amazon these days; do not assume 'authorship' infers authority.

* Burning Times - a phrase made popular by ultra-feminist Mary Daly in her 1978 book, Gyn/Ecology: The Meta-Ethics of Radical Feminism. It was introduced to the pagan world after being appropriated by Starhawk. It's legacy is a perfect example of the Telephone Game (how errors repeat and develop):

In "The Spiral Dance", Starhawk stated that up to nine million people, mostly women, were killed during the Witch Hunts in early modern Europe. The number was based on an article by Mary Daly, who based it on the writings of the 19th century feminist Matilda Joslyn Gage.
Source: Casualty Figures
I have seen people online claim that the phrase was coined by Gerald Gardner, but I haven't seen any documentation of this claim.

**/*** Reformation: Europe's House Divided, Diarmaid MacCulloch, 2004

Sunday, June 6, 2010

RM interview

Listen to the full interview here.
Saturday, June 10, 2010; internet interview
Jeffrey Seelman: We're going to take a commercial now - or maybe a few - and when we come back we'll be with Irish paranormal author and Celtic witch, Rochelle Moore, so stay tuned to StarClear Radio.

Jeffrey Seelman: Hi we're back on StarClear radio, and today's guest is Irish paranormal author and Celtic witch Rochelle Moore. Rochelle Moore, hello, how are you?

Rochelle Moore: Hello, merry meet Sir Jeffrey and Amy - lovely to meet you.

Amy Lamb: Thank you Rochelle

Jeffrey Seelman: Great to meet you as well; I'll read a little bit about you; Rochelle Moore was born in Dublin, Ireland to a family of artists, healers and she is an eclectic witch. Her first book, Karma, a tiny book both *stumbles on next word* multidominational and inspirational was written in 2005. Rochelle then went on to write Aromatherapy & Herbalism, Scents and Spells; beginners to mid-level, which really placed her on the international authors map. Book three, Witch, An Autobiography, was released in January 2009 and Rochelle has appeared on television, radio and with the most recent interview in NY on the David James Live Psychic Show. So, um, Rochelle, you have all sorts of books, you have written, Karma, Aromatherapy and Herbalism, Witch which is an autobiography, Beyond The Third Eye, uhh..Spiritual Whispers - lots of them, just wonderful..

Rochelle Moore: *unintelligible*

Amy Lamb: Beyond The Third Eye is the most recent book with uh Pamela Yarborough as your publisher and she can be found at AnboroughPublishing.com and

Rochelle Moore: ..she's a fantastic woman..

Amy Lamb:..I will post the link..

Jeffrey Seelman: I would like to know the difference between Wicca and witchcraft, Rochelle.

Rochelle Moore: Ok, um, well, I ah I am an eclectic witch, um I was born into a family that goes back generations. Now a witch is a tradition,

Amy Lamb: ..mm

Rochelle Moore: ..it is not a religion. Whereas Wicca is a new religion which was introduced by ahm, Gerald Gardner in the 1950's. It's a religion -you can't be a member of any other religion if you're Wicca, and from Gradner's introduction of Gardenerian Wicca, then we have a couple of offshoots. From that there's Alexandrian, *The- unintelligible*, Dianic and all the rest. But they're all particular religions, whereas a witch is not any religion it's just based on tradition only.

Amy Lamb: I think that's so important for our listeners

Rochelle Moore: ..yes, yes, well I..

Amy Lamb: ..to know, Rochelle

Rochelle Moore: ..that's why I wrote Witch so many people said oo, ooo what is a witch, what's the difference between being a witch and Wicca, you know? That was the main spur(?) behind me writing that was to explain that you know, it's a nature-based religion, um, it's based very much on karma, um and you know, the laws of cause and effect and the Three-fold Law, whatever you send out will come back to you thrice; whereas Wicca is actually a religion. You know?

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: That's the main difference between the two.

Jeffrey Seelman: That's interesting. What brought you - or drove you - to write your autobiography?

Rochelle Moore: I think my father -like I said, so many people would come to me and ask, well, you know, I'm travelling in northern Ireland and Europe, I do a lot of seminars and meetings and events, and like this, the summer solstice is coming up and it's the first time I've been in Ireland in two years so I'm going to go to the ancestral meetingplace which is the hill of Tara and you know, I wrote this book to explain to people the difference between a religion and a tradition.

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: Because I have so many people saying 'well I'm great(?) raised Protestant or Catholic' or whatever, and they go 'Can I be a witch?' And I go, 'well, yes ya can'

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: ..and then they're going 'well I don't understand that' you know because there's um, covens and stuff and I said - I tried to explain that in the book that you don't have to be a member of a coven, that's Wiccan; you just have to be earth-based, harm none, and very much into nature and the seasons..

Amy Lamb: So... can, can anyone become a witch or practice that

Rochelle Moore: Yes,

Amy Lamb: ..tradition?

Rochelle Moore: absolutely. Absolutely, Amy, yes. Without a doubt. And a lot of people know already, before - they know themselves that they're tuned into different things, they're tuned into the seasons, they're tuned into the spirit world; they know but they just don't know what to do with it.

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: And that really is the reason why I wrote my autobiography, just to explain to people that you can be a witch; that you can be a Jewish witch, you can be a Catholic witch; it's all about tradition. And basing yourself on harm none. You know?

Jeffrey Seelman: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: And that's really what, what Witch is all about, it just explains the difference between the uh varying traditions and between Wicca, which is a religion, and the witch which is not - it is an ancient tradition based -going way back - to um, healers, shamans, and um midwives ..you know, things like that.

Jeffrey Seelman: Mhm. Is there a difference, Rochelle, between a witch and a Celtic witch?

Rochelle Moore: Well, a Celtic witch, I would base myself very much on the traditions of the druids..um, it depends on..where you're born, or what input you had through your life, do you know what I mean, where you're from, your culture, you're background, my own background is um I was born in Ireland, I was raised in ireland, ah, so..my own background, my great grandmother was an amazing woman, and she was a psychic, ah, and people came from all over Ireland to see her and I'm going back now to the 19..1920's? 1930's? And uh Ireland was a very, a very very poor place at the time; she lived in Dublin and people came from all over Ireland to see her; her name was Georgina and she never ever charged anything for helping people. Now that is very important. I do know - like she always said to me, 'never charge for what you do if you're helping somebody.' You may take a gift - now in those days it was a biscuit -

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Jeffrey Seelman: Ah..*laughter & unintelligible comment*

Rochelle Moore: ..and that's the way she lived her life and she helped many people from all over the country and she became quite famous. She actually passed it down from her mother down through to myself and my sisters. You know?

Jeffrey Seelman: That was wonderful.

Rochelle Moore: Yeah, yeah - great tradition there, you know?

Jeffrey Seelman: Absolutely wonderful. I know you wrote a book called Karma - what are your feelings on karma, Rochelle?

Rochelle Moore: Ahh..well, karma to me is based on the witches threefold law; what goes around comes around. Um..it's a moral sense of spirituality and a love of our universe. And, ah, you know, it's a very basic belief system, um, but it's very very deep to a witch and we must abide by it at all times. Whatever we send out will come back to us whether it's good or bad, it will return to us threefold. So karma is, would basically be the center, the cause and effect of everything that I do will come back to me thrice.

Amy Lamb: Hm

Rochelle Moore: So I try to go through my life and basically effect means results or cause means reason and effects means results.

Amy Lamb: Hm

Rochelle Moore: So I go through my life and I try not to harm anybody, harm nature I'm just basically doing my best it's actually a way of living rather than a belief.

Jeffrey Seelman: Do you think that this is science? Do you think karma is science, uh,

Rochelle Moore: Oo, no..

*everyone laughs*

Jeffrey Seelman: ...okay

Rochelle Moore: Well, if you read Beyond The Third Eye and..the paranormal book, um, I write quite a bit about science because I - basically it's about you know, what happens when we die? Uh, where do we go? You know, and I was writing more about Roswell and things like that..are there are other realms and dimensions - and I certainly believe that there are other realms and dimensions. But science - are not going to cut their teeth on me(?) with regard to evolution, because there's too much of a gap between..um, you know, the Missing Link.

Amy Lamb: Hm

Rochelle Moore: Well, I do believe in speciel evolution, but I don't believe that we all crawled out of the pond. And that's very - to a lot of people that's like, 'Oh! Rochelle, you're not, you know how can you not believe that we came from this and that or the other' - I just don't believe it. So..scientifically, they've done so much, it's all based on fact, they actually tie themselves into knots; you know, so, to get to, like, what you were saying about Roswell and that;

Jeffrey and Amy: *polite murmers*

Rochelle Moore: ..if they had that information which I truly believe that they do, that should be made public, like the French government started up a website where any sightings of UFO's - this is about five years ago - anything that has to do with extraterrestrial or beings from another world or any sort of things that they come upon they post onto the government website. I find it to be - I did a lot of reseach into Roswell and Montek(?) and all the rest and uh I find the American government and the Irish and some European governments are very tight-lipped on it because they don't want the masses to know.

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: You know, because uh I suppose it's like the latest flu epidemic , uh, I wouldn't get that if they gave me a million dollars. Because, er, to me, the injections they're giving you have mercury and this and that and it's not natural, you know. And having said that, I actually got the flu myself, and I recovered from it and my friend, a very good friend of mine got the, the *unintelligible* injection, and she is now on steroids, she can't breathe, so, you know, - it's basically go with what you feel is right.

Amy Lamb: Hm

Jeffrey Seelman: I, I agree, Rochelle, I uh have never had a flu shot..

Rochelle Moore: Good.

Jeffrey Seelman: I have come down with some of the flues, uh, I think I did come down with this latest version when it came around uh last winter.. uh I got sick like I do when I get the flu which is not very often..and..it went away.

Rochelle Moore: Yes, exactly, it will take it's course. Now if you have *unintelligible* an underlying physical problem, then the chances are that some - that it'll develop and it could cause pneumonia and it could kill you. But the flu can do that to anybody. You know, so - my own, I have children myself and I wouldn't let them get it there'd be no way, and now it's disappeared, it's gone. *laugh* And the UN is still waiting to bring it down from Red Alert, and I would say that they *unintelligible* next month. For all the scandal worldwide, and the vaccinations and the.. you know, to me, this becomes very conspiracy theorist, um, it's just - that was just a dry run for whatever they have planned for us next.

*hosts laugh*

Jeffrey Seelman: Uh, oh, I can't wait *chuckle*

*more laughter*

Amy Lamb: Rochelle, not to switch gears on you here, hi -but something you said earlier piqued my curiosity and you mentioned about what you put out comes back to you threefold

Rochelle Moore: Yeah.

Amy Lamb: ..how do you - what do you do at, at StarClear with deal with negative emotional energy and how to fend that off; how do you handle it if someone is sending you bad energy, or if someone wishes you bad, what do you do, how do you handle that..

Rochelle Moore: *unintelligible* Ohhh, yes..

Amy Lamb: ..without it coming back on you?

Rochelle Moore: Yeah, well, personally um *unintelligible*..because I am a little bit controversial and *unintelligible* this generation my autobiography, Witch, and um, because I look at science and I look at a lot of things - a lot of people - either they like you or they don't like you, you know? So basically I just have to ground myself, meditate and ground myself, - I really - I think one of the most important things in life is - an old man once said to me, 'Life is too short to stuff mushrooms' -

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: I said, 'What can you mean by that, you know?' And he said, 'Well, if you have that mushroom and you're stuffing away and worrying about everything, life's too short for that; too short to stuff mushrooms.' *chuckle* If people don't like me, they don't like me. So I ground myself and um, just get on with my own life and, and there's an awful lot of people that write to me, um, I have a page on Facebook there, I get 250-500 emails a day there, people looking for help on something or people saying 'Oh, I read your book and I think it's positively dreadful, I don't agree with your theory on this that or the other,' you know; *unintelligible* I mean, you've got to take the ups with the downs.

Amy Lamb: Right. You know, it's so true and Jeff and I talk about this all the time with our clients and we have to remind people that, you know, one out of ten people just isn't gonna like us, and that's just a fact, and all we can do is try to do our best and try to protect ourselves from any, any negative -

Rochelle Moore: Yeah, yeah, you must ground yourself, love and protect yourself -

Amy Lamb: Yes.

Rochelle Moore: and like in any work that you do, you have to protect yourself in any aspect of it, but you know, so - as you said, one out of five might like you, and one out of five might dislike you -

Amy Lamb: Right..

Rochelle Moore: ..so you just stay with who you are, be the best that you can, and try to help people.

*Amy murmering assent*

Jeffrey Seelman: It's good advice, Rochelle, I know that uh, uh, I'm a psychic and an exorcist and I've been in this professionally for twnety years and I've had run-ins..

Rochelle Moore: Yes.

Jeffrey Seelman: ..and a lot of resistance, but I'm used to it, um, and I noticed, I was looking up - Amy found something this morning um that we think that you wrote called the Mirror Spell.

Rochelle Moore: Oh that's right, yes, yeah.

*cuts off Jeff*

Rochelle Moore: I write many spells, I think that would be - I don't know which - I'm halfway through two books at the moment, uh, so I don't know whether to go with a spellbook, because an awful lot of people write me and say 'Hey uh I just want to read candles or candle magic or I want to do, uh, I want to banish a ghost from the house or whatever, you know, uh - so I have an awful lot of them written down but the mirror spell is to send back, it sends back any negativity to whoever sent it to you without any coming back to you whatsoever.

Amy Lamb: Oh wow.

Jeffrey Seelman: That's wonderful!

Amy Lamb: So it's just returning to them what they put out -

Rochelle Moore: Yes, returned to them with no malice, just -

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: ..you know, they're the person with the malice to send to you in the first place, you're just returning it to them, and, you know, basically you're just saying, you know, whatever you send me I send back to you; no malice - and once again the law of karma comes in, 'cause, it's there, *unintelligible* karmathe first place.

Amy Lamb: I love that.

Jeffrey Seelman: Do you teach people how to do that? I know at StarClear, we have our own mirror shields that I, uh, that we teach, uh, different clients. Do you have your own particular techniques that you teach people - how to protect themselves with the mirror?

Rochelle Moore: Yes, yes I do, yep, ah -well, I've travelled quite a bit now, I've been travelling - I'm only back from England in the last, last week - yesterday, actually - so I do, and I was over in America over in Salem there last year 'cause I do - I can teach people and an awful lot of people would write to me and - they're never quite sure what to say to me, but I often find that people are very open and they don't hold back - they tell me an awful lot about *unintelligible* - everything is completely confidential, you know..

Jeffrey Seelman: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: ..I try to help..now, I only - last week - got an email from someone who had some neighbors they'd moved into the house; the - they reckoned that the house had bad negative energy, so she was *unintelligible* so I sent her one of my cleansing spells - which had been handed down to me from my great-great-great-great grandmother - and she wrote back that they're hey they're really happy now, everything had settled down and uh there's nothing there anymore *unintelligible* those work and I love to hear that, I love when people come back and thank me; 'yeah that worked, I wish I had money for that, you know what I mean.' *laughs*

Jeffrey Seelman: Yeah, I sure do!

Rochelle Moore: Yeah, yeah

Jeffrey Seelman: What is your philosophy about higher spirits? And spirit guides - do they help you in your work?

Rochelle Moore: Oh yes, *unintelligible* I myself, now, um - ever since the first time I experienced the spirit world, uh, I remember - I recall - when I was three months old, now I didn't know I was three months I was speaking to my mother and I said I was in the pram I was little then and there was a lamb, a coloured lamb, hanging from the pram, and she said 'how the heck did you remember that, you were only three months of age' and ever since that, ever since that, any time that I need anything, I get guidance. When I was expecting the first child, it was not an easy pregnancy, and uh, one night when I was asleep my granmother and my grandfather - they'd all passed away- and my grandmother from my other side of the family who'd I'd never met because she died before - well before - I was born; thy came to me and said 'everything's going to be okay' then they sat and they talked to me; they came back *unintelligible* 'why don't you come out' *garbled* walking back in the field with rock *garbled* my parents side 'why don't you come over to the house and see mum and dad?' They said 'No, we can't come any further than this.

Amy Lamb: Mm

Rochelle Moore: Now, when I was telling my mother that I'd met her mother - now I'd never seen her, she died when my mother was 11 years of age - and I described exactly what she was wearing; and my mother and my aunt *unintelligible* as well *unintelligible* 'Oh my goodness.' There was no way I could - I've never seen a photograph of her, I've never seen nothing you know? Anytime I need help, I ask for it, and I always get it.

Jeffrey Seelman: Do you think that there is um like a supreme being that rules over these higher spirits ..uh..have you found that to be true?

Rochelle Moore: Did you read my book? *laughs*

Jeffrey Seelman: No, I'm sorry Rochelle, I did not..

*all laugh*

Rochelle Moore: I, uh..I, I can't tell you guys the end of it. But, I've looked back - I've looked right through - everything from the Mayans, right back through witches, Mayans - all the way through history..the Templars..the whole lot -this is in Beyond The Third Eye- now Beyond The Third Eye is in 12 chapters, I think; and..each chapter is a story on it's own and you can't do that, you can't read chapter three and then start back at one because it wouldn't make sense..

Jeffrey Seelman: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: ..cause if you read chapter one, after that, you're not gonna settle for a while...because it's an extremely deep book, and as I've said, I've looked at twelve different religions, including Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Native American Indian witches..and I mean witches going back as far as Malleus Maleficarum which was 1472 and Catholic and Protestant and all these different religions and I've looked at every culture, and that book Beyond The Third Eye has taken me a lifetime to write because it's really a 'why are we here?' 'what happens when we die?' uh, and, you know - what's the purpose of life. So..the end..if I answer that question, Jeffrey, I'd be telling you the end of the book. *laughter*

Jeffrey Seelman: Ohhh! Don't tell us we..

*all laughing*

Rochelle Moore: It's taken me years to write you'll just have to read it! *laughing*

Amy Lamb: Yes, everybody go to Amazon.com and look up Rochelle Moore because we need to know the ending, so *laughs*

Jeffrey Seelman: I wanted to know, uh, uh..

Amy Lamb: Actually, I have a question in the chatroom if it's ok with you..

Jeffrey Seelman: Yes, yes, please - go ahead -

Amy Lamb: 'Um, please it's more of a comment and I just was curious to know Rochelle's opinion'; um one of our lovely people in the chatroom has um, made a comment and she says 'I don't usually do many of my spells based on books or instructions, I just go with what I feel is right and needed in a spell - what's your opinion on that, is it ok to just go with what you feel, or do you have to follow a recipe?'

Rochelle Moore: Um no, you don't necessarily have to follow a recipe. Now, I was very lucky as I've said, as I was a hereditary witch, so things are handed down, ah, which is commonly called a Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadows is just basically everything that you learn, in your lifetime. I have my great-great-great-grandmothers Book of Shadows *garbled* and my great-great and blah blah has added to it and I've added to it as well and I'll hand that down to the next generation. But there are certain areas that involve ah, yes, you must follow certain guidelines, especially with invoking a circle or invoking something or other if that's what you're into particularily *garbled* Me, particularily, I wouldn't be into that, you know..

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Rochelle Moore: ..no, intuition is so important; you know yourself - deep down, what's right and what's wrong.

Amy Lamb: Mhm

Jeffrey Seelman: I have a -

Rochelle Moore: So..yes, it's good to follow eh..hm..you know, a certain way, and guidelines with regard to certain styles; when you're doing something more personal that isn't very involved, um..go with your intuition.

Jeffrey Seelman: Ohh, interesting. I have a question on psychic ability I'd love to ask you after this commercial break. Stay tuned, we'll be right back.
Jeffrey Seelman: We'd like to ask you, Rochelle, about your work with the paranormal.

Rochelle Moore: Ok, ok - the paranormal. (Obviously reading off something) Well, one of the very first words that comes to mind when most people hear the word is ghost demons spirits or angels. When in fact the true definition of it is beyond the range of ordinary experience or scientific explanation. Umm..it's divided into several sections; the supernatural, unnatural, ghosts, hauntings, the possibility of life after death, future telling and clairvoyance, esp, and etc. (Stops reading) I am very much, and I very much believe in the paranormal, I believe in psychic ability because I've had lots of experience myself, and since the beginning of time, humans curiosity of the unknown lured us to want to answer questions, you know? So, um, basically, my own experiences as a psychic with regard to when I was very very young I would have dreams that would um, come true, and when I used to go to people, you know, like girls my own age or my peers they'd be 'well you're very strange.' *laugh*

*hosts laugh*

Rochelle Moore: Um, they got used to me after a while. You know, 'cause the paranormal falls into three main areas; and so..it's really..with regards to ghostly apparitions, um, telepathy and ESP, I would be very very tuned into that area, ya know?

Amy Lamb: I have a question - actually it's another comment from the chat room and I wanted to know your thoughts again on it. Um, someone in the chat room is saying that they use banishing spells for getting rid of negativity around her house;

Rochelle Moore: Yes, its -

Amy Lamb: ..can spells help with getting rid of negativity from spirits and negativity from guests and things like that?

Rochelle Moore: Well, absolutely, absolutely. A friend of mine, had her husband inherited a desk. You know you hear stories about furniture being haunted *garbled* come across it in my life, and this is only about ten years ago; and every time they - they had the desk in the room, and she would not go in there, so we had to duel that one down and eventually it worked; it ah, ah, took three times now, because this was such a powerful entity that possessed the desk, that's the only way I could *garbled* - I don't like the words possessed but that's the way that it felt, you know? Ah..and, so, yes, spellwork in regards to banishing or candle magick or anything like that, you know, ah.. I would use spellwork a lot, on anything like that, on banishing negative energy.

Jeffrey Seelman: Have you ever come across a negative spirit in your work?

Rochelle Moore: Oh yes, without a doubt, without a doubt. Well, just as you come across negative people, in life! You come across negative people in death. Ah..I always ground myself and meditate prior to doing them; I used to read the tarot and all that sort of thing but ah, you know, do with the witch runes which is my own preference now, is the witch runes; because, I found, when I was about, oh, ten or twelve the Ouija board came in, and I was like - I didn't - I found that opened too many, too many realms...and, certain things could come in that you wouldn't want coming in to your life. And it can be dangerous if, if in the wrong hands. So um yes, I do use spellwork to handle negative energies in my life who have tried to upset my life. Um, as was said, they're just like people; I meet people, I speak to people online, and people write to me daily; and some are negative and some are positive and that's what you get in the afterlife, you know?

Amy Lamb: Now Rochelle, what are witch runes? I've heard of runes, little stones - just for our listeners, so they can understand.

Rochelle Moore: Alright. Ah..witch runes are stones; they have got - ah, not heiroglyph - but they have got drawings on them, you know? They number 13 in total and it's like the Druids divination sticks that they throw. Depending on what they throw, how they fall, you can learn to read them. I've actually written an article on Associated Content about the witch runes; you know, it tells you how to make your own witch runes, and how to decorate them, what symbols to put on them and how to read them.

Amy Lamb: Mm.

Rochelle Moore: A lot of people want to hear about the girl who had my book ...about the book, Witch, my autobiography, and she always read the tarot but it was never as exact as using the runes. And she has now *more garbled*, which again, it's feedback; I like to speak to people, I like to hear what they think, even if it doesn't fit me or it's negative or whatever, it's feedback from my fans. (*This sentence isn't exact; had trouble catching parts of it.*)

Amy Lamb: Mm, I agree, me too. It's always good to get feedback ..

Rochelle Moore: Yeah..

Amy Lamb: ..positive or negative, ah, all, wha -

Jeffrey Seelman: What is your take on psychic ability, Rochelle - do you consider yourself to be a psychic?

Rochelle Moore: Uh..if it's an area in which I would consider myself to be a psychic yes, but an area that would be very private and personal I don't use it commercially; um, I would - I can pick up on things the minute I walk into a room. Um, I was visiting with my mother and my aunt once, to um, ah, lunch; um...and *garbled* in northern Ireland, very old house, with a big old staircase and behind the one I could see a spirit on the staircase. Now I didn't say anything because they were having their coffee and I didn't want to bother them *laughs* but about six months later I was talking to the person who worked in the hotel she was the manageress and asked who was that lady behind the staircase. She had a big set of keys, like hanging from a uniform, um, a brown old-fashioned dress and like a bonnet on; huge big ring with loads of keys on it, and they said 'Oh, that's such-and-such, she was the housekeeper here and she had the key to all the rooms' and they said 'sometimes we feel her around in the kitchen and when we come in to start up the hotel at like six in the morning, at five in the morning and you feel like she's watching you, you know?' And I said, 'Oh ya, she's no harm' no, really - she came across as just going about her business like a residual haunting, you know, just going about her business, not bothering anybody. But then again, having said that, I have encountered, I was staying in Ashford Castle in County Mayo one time, and we were given a beautiful bedroom and I went to bed and my partner - we had a huge bed now, it was like you could fit six in you know *laugh* - um, I was just about to go to sleep when I got scratching on my shoulder; and I said 'What are you doing?' and he said, 'What are you talking about?' and once again, three scratches - like, one, two, three - on the shoulder. I truned around I put my arm up I said 'no way you coud've touched me now.' I just said, 'well, whoever you are, I want to go to sleep now. I know you're here, so..you go on with your way and I'll go with mine.' And that was the end of that, you know.

Jeffrey Seelman: That was the end of it..

Rochelle Moore: So I have experienced it a lot.

Jeffrey Seelman: *laughing* We were..

Rochelle Moore: That one was a little bit scary, because it actually hurt. *laughs*

Jeffrey Seelman: Yeah, yeah, I've also, in my work as an exorcist, been wounded, uh, um, on a psychic level and even on a physical level from negative spirits; after 20 years, it's bound to happen a few times.

Rochelle Moore: Oh dear Jeffrey..

Jeffrey Seelman: So I know what you mean; going to people's homes, where there are terrible things, uh, very negative spirits, uh, sometimes very powerful, it's quite profound.

Rochelle Moore: Yeah

Jeffrey Seelman: We were talking during the commercial break about Ireland. And I wanted to know, uh, is Ireland a good power source for the kind of inspiration and work that you do?
(moore to come when transcript is completed)