Friday, April 8, 2011

Rochelle Moore becomes Zara Alcott *waves magic wand*

As Bustin' Chops (yawningly) predicted last year, Moore has invented yet another cyber identity and has re-published her trash under a new name and title. Rochelle Moore’s old book Beyond The Third Eye - pulled from the market last year by it's publishers for massive plagiarism - has been self-published again under yet another new pseudonym, Zara Alcott; titled Existence After Death. She has paid to republish through 

Be warned, Fair Readers.

'Zara Alcott' has begun the identical, repetitive Moore technique: Facebook PR campaign of multiple groups, ID's and pages to push sales; also on Gather - with the identical 'review' of the book that was on Amazon, but posted under a different name. 'Alcott's' appearance on FB and Gather coincide with the self-publishing; November 20, 2010 - she created a flurry of pages, joined a bunch of groups all on the same day, and has not signed in since. Hilarious.

For those who need a refresher about self-publishing or - the online company you pay to 'publish' a book via email (and for an extra fee you can buy a positive 'review'), see here

In addition, it may be noted that Zara Allcot was a Facebook alt of Rochelles, last year.

UPDATE: has pulled the book from their online catalog after discovering it was a rehash of the plagiarized BTTE.

Perhaps if Chops is bored at some point, we will do a page by page comparison of 'Zara's' book and the old BTTE.

Rochelle, who vehemently denied plagiarism in the face of all evidence, and whom loudly & repeatedly proclaimed that the Third Eye had been picked up by a new publisher the day after Andborough Publishing dropped the book due to plagiarism - remains silent about why Third Eye was not republished as she claimed it would be.

But we know why, don't we Dear Reader?


Amusing coincidental note:  Zara Cot is a UK line of baby furniture. Rochelle Moore's name came up in connection with a childcare service & baby store in Witlow, Ireland; her professed place of residence.