Thursday, July 14, 2011

Important Clarification

Please note:

As Chops covered here, the Raven Avalon/Goblin Hunter contingent posted, in one or more of their hate groups, a huge list of Facebook users that they wanted targeted.

Facebook users are now receiving messages and not understanding where this list originated. Goblin Hunter is the author of this hate list; and has distributed it amongst their numerous hate groups designed to harrass the people on the list.
Another Goblin Hunter profile - note the two friends and Interests Freya, admin of Black Raven Coven, and Wools, an alt, also a admin or member of the Coven pages AND on Rochelle Moore's friend list):

     click to enlarge

Please see the previous 4 Chops posts on this matter of the list for clarification. Chops will endeavor to obtain a screen shot of the list from one of the hate groups to help clarify this matter.

If any Facebook users receive messages about their name being on this list, please read the list well. Other victims and groups targeted by this list are being mistakenly accused of being the authors (and reported)  because people are not reading the entire Goblin message. Be aware before you accuse, please, and do not be an unwitting tool for these hate groups.

Pagans Against Plagiarism has posted a copy of Goblin Hunters target list so that Facebook users can see who is being targeted for harassment - primarily within the Pagan community. Please do not accuse the group or its members; they are simply trying to help the community.

Edit Update:
Pagans Against Plagiarism has added screen shots of the hate list. That should make very clear who, and what group, is behind it. They are an open group.

Another pagan group, NJ Pagans, has posted this:

click to enlarge images


Edit Update 2:

They continue to form new groups (below). Chops assumes 'Stop Cyberbulling' from them, the cyberbullies, really means 'stop exposing us as frauds and bullies.'

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ratcheting Up

Busy little bees; they've launched yet another FB group:

Stop Cyberbullying on Facebook: Dedicated to stamping out bullying on FB

Full group profile:
very large image, click to expand

All the same people; truly on a roll this week; and of course they don't mean stamping out anyone except the people who have pointed out their bad behavior. One amusing note - from their group info (sorry, they tend to yell a lot in caps; very exciteable):

WEBGOBLINS: Who are they and why they roam Facebook freely insulting, bullying and harassing real genuine people.


Only real people will be let into this group so do not ask to join if your name is SILVER SHADOW WOLF or FLOATY AIRY FAIRY!!!

...except of course, for the admins, Goblin Hunter, Freya LaVey, Tawny-eye Moonchild and the other fake alt names such as Adana Silvermist & Aunbis Talsin ( << yes, it was a misspelling; she has a duplicate account with it spelled properly) that are behind the group. ;)

Also from their info:

Cyberbullying could be another name for webgoblinses or just plain unsatisfied, underachievers who gang together to boost their own little lives and give them an interest.
Chops only sees one group of people making dozens of groups and pages and alts, posting lists of real peoples name, taking peoples underage childrens' photos and posting them -and demanding that they all be persecuted and run off of Facebook. That would be you.

Followers of Goblin/Raven/Rochelle/Freya/etc - please stop and think. Rochelle-Raven-Freya-et al's own actions got her in the soup; if she hadn't plagiarized more than a third of her book last year, it wouldn't have been pulled from the market, regardless of what was said about it. Her own fault, no one elses. As Raven, if she hadn't taken copyrighted photos and then lied about them repeatedly (even after the artist had spoken up about it), she wouldn't have made herself look so disreputable.

While you may not like the whistleblowers, Chops fails to see how it serves any of you to defend wrongdoing by obfuscating and harassing the people that pointed it out; along with many other innocents who had nothing to do with it at all - including children. Read this entire blog, from the first post, and you will understand the nature of the few main people (and their many alts) whose groups you are in.

Reference material:

Goblin Hunter, full profile (note 'Facebook Stalking' listed as Activities):
very large image, click to expand

Update to the Raven Avalon post

Edit Update: Shortly after this posting hit Chops earlier today, the bashing groups went secret, so the links to them in the previous post will not show their pages. The Bunny group has dozens of screenshots of Goblin Hunter (a brand-new alt) posting  members profile links, links to off-Facebook work, etc; all demanding that everyone report them to get them booted off Facebook. Even Chops got a mention. :) 

 click to enlarge

..funny that Goblin misspells Sehnga the exact same way that Rochelle always did.

Chops could fill pages with similar screenshots:

click to enlarge

...but you get the idea. This campaign seems to be driven in public (we know who lurks behind) by a Joanne Nelson, who is possibly an alt or a family member of you-know-who - or a tool. Her and her 'friend', Elizabeth Dickson, descended on the Bunny group after Raven Avalons copyright thefts and subsequent lies; never once addressing the issue, but attacking the group for quite some time, then leaving the group and fomenting cries of persecution elsewhere, rallying the unaware. Another face is Lila K. Elteto, who may in fact be the Goblin Hunter:

click to enlarge

Below is a convo screenshot, where they discuss having targeted a Bunny members child. The child was never a member of the Bunny group; they looked through a members profile and took his photo and posted it with comments, presumably to intimidate/upset the member.

They should indeed be scared; the boy is 13, not 16.
Noticeably absent is any concern for the child himself, or the ethical wrong of what was done in the first place.

Click to enlarge

Goblin Hunter's page - far too long for a screenshot, C&P'd, "(name removed)" is my doing:

We need You!!! List of escaped goblins nasty horrid gremnasties i need to bring back underground DEEP UNDERGROUND to the mines of Mogodon

We need You!!! List of escaped goblins nasty horrid gremnasties i need to bring back underground

TO: the real people who want to show just how horrible facebook can be with fake accounts and goblins running all over the place. I am here to find those nasty escaped goblins and bring them back down underhill where they belongs.

fluffy Bunnie coven and there abuse of genuine people. - WELL DONE

I am a real goblin not a real person Goblin Hunter

nasty nasty goblins

Ignoring, for the time being that my first account was deleted, The Whacko (name removed) aka (name removed), (name removed) and (name removed)'s ridiculous stockpiling of international goblins mindwreckers as if they're the scarcest of commodities on our planet , it would appear that Whacko, (name removed) and (name removed) under the keen eye of (name removed) are is embarking on a policy of assembling a goblin team to really frighten opponents… with their physical weirdness.

Not content with having Uncle Fester (name removed), there's (name removed) sporting a Travis Bickle haircut and a bitter attitude in defence, while (name removed) with a dreadlock beard is a mean Predator and (name removed) sits bacn and acts like a corpse. (The less said about (name removed) foreskin's shrieking the better.)

Then there's quite possibly the most hideous assembly of goblins in the world who folllow dim witted and blind, with (name removed) the Organ shuffling down the flank like Sloth from 'The Goonies',

j(name removed) inked from the top of one arm like a goth who whacko (name removed) states “has more knowledge about witchcraft than all of the other normal people who tried to speak openly about their sparklieeeee bunny group.

The forehead-less (name removed) running all over the internet, Shenga flashing his junk to anyone that passes by, (name removed) chewing hes way down the list of genuine people with her humungous teeth, (name removed): scurrying about with hers shrunken head, and there's (name removed) , who is definitely not that physically appealing but her mouth makes up for her unattractive head.

Now (name removed) has added to her legion of the weird with (name removed) a woman whose teeth could double up as a bottle opener, which will come in handy for (name removed), who has returned from his self publishing holidays with a hobo beard and a beer belly.

If you've see any of these goblins I'd advise never taking a child along with you even as a curiosity as they're likely to have nightmares for the rest of their days having seen such a motley bunch of downright ugliness up close and personal.

The goblin hunter

Sound awfully similar to the third-grade level frothing-at-the-mouth from last year, yes? ;)

The post then listed a ton of peoples Facebook names and account URLs, off-Facebook businesses, etc (which Chops will not repost for privacy concerns); calling for everyone to Report them and get them banned from Facebook.

Doesn't this all seem a bit extreme for a simple case of someone lying - albeit multiple times - about photos?

click to enlarge

The problem - and tell about all of the above nonsense? The list was from last year, when Rochelle Moore was doing the exact same thing to try to deflect from her massive plagiarism that resulted in her book being dropped by her publisher, Andborough Publishing. Goblin Hunter focused the attacks above on Moore's former publisher and the four or so Bunnies that were instrumental in exposing Moore ...last year.

The current Bunny group - the ones who asked about Raven Avalon's copyright infringement, doesn't include all the people from last years Moore debacle, and some of those that are still listed in the group have been noticeably absent for a very long time (and never were present or commented on the Raven issues) - and still another one or two no longer even use the FB accounts she names. Of note also is the number of year-old+ posts and screenshots Freya LaVey/Bram Darkraven/etc (Raven/Moore alts) have dredged up from that time period and tossed in as fuel for Goblin Hunter/Joanne Nelson against the Bunnies that busted Moore way back when.

In conclusion, it appears quite certain that Moore is still with us, under many alts old & new - and Raven Avalon. All the old Moore alts are friended with the new Raven alts, on all the same pages, all friended with Goblin Hunter and Joanne Nelson; and all these new Raven-and-alts-and-groups-and-pages were created at the same time (same day, usually), both on Facebook and other networking sites; all pushing the self-published book sales.

Chops does recall that when Moore first hit the internet years ago to try to earn money off the pagan community, she presented herself as a Wiccan with Christowiccan inclinations (her father was lay clergy, if memory serves). That later morphed into 'non-Wiccan hereditary high witch of Ireland descended from Druids and practicing thousands-of-years-old witchcraft. After her embarrassment and exposure last year, the Rochelle Moore persona had to be reinvented; and here we are, back to Wiccan.

Chops stands by it's conclusion from last year; that this woman is a determined scammer of the pagan community, and will continue her attempts. Inventing a new persona online only takes moments. Be smart, people, and especially newbies. One good tell is to engage someone in conversation, and ask in-depth questions. If they rarely speak at any length or explain anything other than by posting cut & paste items from the internet and other people; be advised that they are quite probably phonies.

As for Goblin Hunter; this educational video is for you. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black Raven Coven - Witches and Wiccans of Facebook

Please see the previous post for context, if needed.

Black Raven Coven - Witches and Wiccans of Facebook was previously Rochelle Moore's Witches of Facebook group. She changed it's name (but left the old discussions up) when Lady Raven Avalon (and a slew of new alts) suddenly appeared (February 2011) with just-published Lulu trash, and a dozen brand-new accounts online at social networking sites, to promote her 'books' - and take over this group. (The Rochelle Moore persona is noticeably defunct.)

The group apparently exists to sell her 'coven' books, although it claims to exist to help newbies (as does her other group, here; basically a duplicate group to spam book sales). The group Info is loaded with links to purchase her books, and a quick perusal of the group will show no real discussion going on, just copy & paste blurbs straight off the internet - and that's what's in the books, too.
A second quick perusal will show all the same Rochelle Moore alts from last year as members of this - and the other groups (here, and here) now bashing the people and Fluffy Bunny group that busted Raven Avalon last month. The main people listed as the 'coven' are all alts of the same person:
Lady Raven Avalon (HP) (This personal page is just sales spam)
Eros (Wiccan) HP
Freya La Vey
Bram Darkraven
Llewella David
(more of their spam groups here & here.)

...and there are at least twenty-five more alts. Chops will be publishing a major list of all the alts shortly.

Chops truly wishes Facebook would cross-check IP's, and change their policy to associate IP's with accounts when they are created; it would put an end to this sort of abuse immediately. However, they have in reality made it even easier, with new changes, for scammers to get away with their nonsense and multiple accounts. (Go ahead, Facebook; we double-dog dare you to check the above IPs.)

Chops will leave you with a lovely example of the Black Raven Covens love & light & 'harm none' teachings - and remember they claim to be teaching newbies:

 click for larger image

Chops suspects Cantucci of either being an alt or a shill for you-know-who; (she was voracious when she went in the Bunny group to attack after the Avalon plagiarism outings).  

Rochelle Moore did the same thing last year in all her groups; rarely posting as herself; each group was managed by one different alt, with 'Rochelle' occasionally 'popping in' to say hello- and talk to her alts. - to our endless amusement.

Cheers, Dear Readers, and raise a glass to sheer persistence. I guess. :P