Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Sad Statement About Pagans

Recently someone said, regarding the Moore plagiarisms, apparent scams, etc,


I found that amazing, and disturbing. It's essentially saying, 'don't disturb my Disneyland pagan world with reality.'  Nicely done; zero interest in protecting fellow pagans from predators; and you know who you are.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Saturday Night, June 5, 2010. Call 'Rochelle'

Not to be missed; this Saturday (tomorrow), June 5th, StarClear is hosting a phone interview live with the mysterious Rochelle Moore on StarClear Radio (internet).

Saturday June 5, 2010
(From Ireland) Rochelle Moore
Paranormal Author and Celtic Witch

The time:

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Here is their website.

I encourage everyone to call if possible. StarClear was notified of all the shady dealings with Moore, given all the info here and in many other sites, and still decided to go forward with this dubious guest.

Please note - if you call: you will likely be hung up on. Anyone in the last few weeks who inquired about Moore/the interview in the chatroom was deleted and banned, with the admonishment to "go do something positive".
(EDIT: True to form, people were deleted and banned from numerous chatroom questions and comments during the interview.) 

UPDATE, 6/22/10: Since this post, many further developments have occurred. Jeffrey found out today, ironically and painfully, that Rochelle Moore had actually stolen two of his own works (from a 2007 Pravda article) and put them in her Beyond The Third Eye book. This has caused both Amy and he great distress, and Chops is sorry that they had to find the truth the hard, and very personal way. Chops appreciates their honesty, and that they were willing to come forward with this information over at Fluffies and engage everyone in conversation. In the spirit of cooperation (and a highly unusual move), Chops has deleted some content from this post that both Amy & Jeff found very offensive. Chops gave this much thought before doing so, and decided that the comments regarding Amy in particular were unwarranted, since they were largely a spillover over the frustration with our warning being unheeded.

Chops might have been a little snippy in our criticism. At this time Chops does believe that both Amy & Jeff are sincere, and while we do not agree with all facets of their views, we apologize for being a tad shitty in our attitude towards them both.

At Least A Four-Year Career

This is older info, but still worth a look; illustrating just how long someone can persist in something: