Saturday, August 6, 2011

..and the beat goes on..

Minor update to the Rochelle Moore/Raven Avalon/Goblin Hunter/Joanne Nelson/Jaqueline Morrow Bowser/et al Facebook mini series:

Rochelle has suddenly made a reappearance (along with old alts Poppy Wild, Frederick Dealimao, etc) after disappearing last year when her book, Beyond The Third Eye was dropped by its publisher for massive plagiarism. She has changed her page title, edited her info, and added a free address to support her claim last year of having "moved to France" when the hammer descended and lawsuits were threatened by authors she had plagiarized.

As a reminder, here is an example from last year of Moore/Avalons hilarious fabrications with her alt, Poppy Wild: click here.

This reappearance coincides with 'Isabelle' Raven Avalon being 'gone' for a week to tend an ill daughter (sound familiar?), and the apparent removal *or admin disabling) from Facebook of Raven/Rochelles Black Raven Covens private 'teaching' group.

click for larger

Chops might point out to one of the posters in the above screenshot that a Closed group can't be cyberbullied, nor reported by anyone but admins or members, and no one can join unless an Admin approves. If the group is gone, then Rochelle/Raven either deleted it or temporarily withdrew it from access. Chops also notes that Kiah Webster is an old familiar name from the Rochelle Moore days of yore. Also friends with some of the Moore/Raven/Goblin Hunter crowd. ;)

Continuing onward, Moore/Avalons alts are friended with, and appearing in the 'anti-cyberbullying' groups being run by the cyberbully Goblin Hunter hate-list people:

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Perhaps Bowser would care to respond to the many screenshots on Chops previous posts, showing her as an active and aggressive member/admin in the Hate-list cyberbullying campaign against so many Facebook pagans.

Stay aware, lovely people. The only possible purpose for the hate-list people to continue to seek membership for their groups is to have a pool of innocent people to use when they want to call on group members to Report someone en masse, to attempt to get someone banned from Facebook.

...and the beat goes on.