Monday, June 28, 2010

Starclear Takes A Hike

 Following Jeffrey Seelman's retraction regarding Rochelle Moore, which can be heard here, he was asked a few questions regarding his statement on the Facebook group, Fluffies.

The post follows (transcription of Jeffrey's audio retraction is in blue). Jefforcist and his girl/StarClear partner , Amy Lamb, had been in Fluffies chatting it up since just before he discovered Moore had plagarised his work, too.

The post:
I have some issues with Jeffreys statement.

Jeffery: "...we did get a barrage of people in the chatroom and ...-snip-...saying 'hey, don't have this person on, we have some proof that she's a plagiarist." Well, you know, I looked, very hard, and found that among some true statements were some statements that wer NOT true and so I had to make a decision whether or not to have this person on because um in and around some true statements were actually some statements that were not accurate so I made a decision to go ahead and have this person on.."

".. and wasn't until - I mean the interview went fine - it wasn't really until several days afterwards that we were contacted by the actual publisher who had finally run a plagiarism report on Rochelle Moore and found out that indeed she was plagiarizing other authors works. And so uh we felt terrible. But among this information -and of course I wanted just to leave this go and not continue with this and move on with StarClear radio we're a positive show, we're positive people
-snip-" my idea was to essentially move on. Amy did some more digging, and between her and the publishers, found out that I was one of the people she had that's why was really quite shocking. -snip-"

"And so, unfortunately we had this person on on June 5th that we have to apologise for - there was no way for us to know she was a plagiarist at the time,"

Except that by your own admission, you had access, prior to the show, to information. You state that you found true info. You were also sent the Bustin' Chops blog, where numerous examples of Moore's plagiarism are documented, cited, sourced and proven for anyone who chose to look. Despite this, you accused the people who were trying to show you of being malicious.

I am also curious what information you were given that was untrue..?
Jeffery: :" But it's kind of interesting that, because of the radio show that we did, it actually set things into motion where the publisher of her latest book where she plagiarized my work and other authors as well, many other authors, that she was discovered. "
Er, no. Fluffies and the publishers were on this while you were still posting your support of Moore. This is rather offensive to all the people who have worked for 2-3 years to expose her plagiarism, Jeffrey.
Jeffery: "So some good finally did come out of this. At least we know that she is a plagiarist, it could be proven, all the reports have been done and her publisher has formally announced this. So we can safely talk about this, we're not making accusations that are unfounded here, her book has been pulled.. -snip- "

I ask again - what accusations regarding Moore did you receive that were unfounded, either before or during the June 5th show?
 Unfortunately, Jefforcist and his Amy decided that this was far too direct a conversation, deleted all their posts and left the group. We feel that Jefforcist has tried to rewrite things to benefit his own image and cover his own arse; which is understandable, but by doing so he inadvertently accused others of falsehoods & maliciousness, and assumed a role in the Moore bust that didn't exist.

The publisher had publically announced the plagiarism on June 17th; Jefforcist was still posting the following support statement (in various groups and emails/PM's) on June 20th -in response to the plagiarism bust:

 They had variously stated that they did look into the warnings before the show, that they didn't have time, and several other versions between the two. That they have deleted all their posts from the Fluffy group so that their previous words could not be seen, speaks volumes as to their credibility.

Obviously, they felt foolish since they had previously been warned, and even after the publishers issued their public statement, they still backed the losing horse. ..and, and ..what about those 'Advanced Psychic Powers?' Guess they only work after invoking PayPal or moneybookers. Chops is willing to bet that they were in contact with Moore since before the June 5th show when they were first warned about her, and chose to believe her in the face of all evidence - including the publishers statement-, until Jeffrey discovered she has stolen from his work, too.

Classic schadenfreude.

We stand by our initial impression and opinion, that these two featherheads are full of baloney, and have about as much 'psychic power' between them as a chicken has dingleberries. Beware, vulnerable people.

Update: Apparently, following a disappearing act by Jeffery for a period of time, Amy and the Jefforcist are no longer riding the psychic wavelength in the Batmobile together. Amy has disappeared from StarClear's pages; hence the above links referencing her pages are now broken.


  1. I can sort of understand the explination of operating from a position of good faith but personally I think that he was stupid not to read or at least scan for himself the book before they had her on (would have avoided all those embaressing "haven't you read the book?" questions). IMO that's what you do before interviewing an author on their book.

    I'm disapointed that they've jumped the bunnie ship, though I think the reaction to their self serving statment was probably the cause.

    Bunnies don't appreciate being passed over, ignored, forgotten, and generally discounted...
    we chew our cages and fur when that happens :(

    Onwards and upwards.

    I would wish them well in any legal action they decide to take and would welcome updates via the CoftFB but frankly think they are plastic Shame-ans that us Bunnies prefer to sharpen their teeth on.

    Violet Tattersticks

  2. Sure, but even if you give him that, it doesn't explain his nastiness towards the bunnies before he had ever spoken to them, and it certainly doesn't explain him sticking to his defense of Moore for days after the publishers issued their public statement.

    Particularly when one of the (now-missing, deleted) posts of his said he put his faith in the publishers alone before the show - that they stood behind the book and that's why he had Moore on.

    If that were the case, why did he suddenly not believe them when they issued the plagiarism news and pulled the book off the market?

    There's only one answer; he WANTED to believe Moore - and that's also why he's so angry at her now; he was made a complete, four-star fool of.

    His (and Amy's) psychic powers are astounding, aren't they? They don't work when they're forewarned, when a publisher issues a retraction of a book, when they speak with someone on the phone for an extended period of time...yet..they charge people for phone readings.

    There's one born every minute, as they say.

  3. Sehnga: I completely agree with you! It's nice they "joined the team", but trying to make it seem like THEIR work (not like there wasn't 2-3 years of work on our side beforehand) is sleazy and rude.

    What they SHOULD do is apologize and admit they were wrong.

    The ONLY reason the publishers are aware was because of your blog, and Amberlady's blog, both of which came from years of work on both your parts.

    By taking credit for something they did not do, they have made themselves almost as bad as the person they are fighting against.

  4. Actually, the 'taking credit' part is pretty irrelevant, except as a marker of self-serving behavior.

    The blogs - or at least this blog - was only put up to keep an accessible record available to all.

    The credit goes to the individuals who were involved for a long time, and mainly to two people who I won't name here.

    My issue with Jefforcist is the continued smears he implied and repeated, even in his retraction, and his refusal to back up his claims that anyone had given him 'untruths' prior to the June 5th show.

  5. True enough. It just pisses me off when someone tries to be the "gallant knight"....more like nitwit!

    As someone on Fluffies said, looks like Amy's wearing the pants---and because we wouldn't "boohoo" for her, she decided they'd delete their posts and leave. *sigh*

    But, on the good side, Pamela and Robert are fighting the good fight--and I'm so glad! :D