Monday, June 21, 2010

The Play's The Thing

In a painful and ironic twist of fate, Jeffrey Seelman, the StarClear host who interviewed Rochelle Moore on June 5, 2010 (see article), has just discovered that Rochelle stole at least two paragraphs of his that had been written for a Pravda article in 2007, and included them in her Beyond The Third Eye book, which was pulled from the market last Thursday for plagiarism by publisher Andborough Publishing.

Chop's is stunned. While we have known of her many plagiarisms, the sheer hubris of appearing on someone's show, with a host whose material you stole, is dumbfounding. We are fairly sure Moore had no idea this was the man she had stolen from; very few people could be that crass, and we doubt Moore keeps extensive lists of her purloined material sources.

We extend our sympathy to Jeffrey - and Amy, who was very upset at this news -; it was a cruel trick to have been played out on them, especially after publically defending Moore at this time.We wish him our best, and hope he will pursue the issue in a court of law. Moore profited from Jeffrey's writings; the piper is calling and he wants his due.

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  1. This is so shocking, I too am flabbergasted at the news! When I have recovered I too will blog this awful awful event!

    My heart goes out to Amy and Jefferey of Starclear Radio - no-one needs this...

    Speechlessley yours Cymraes