Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moore Damage Control

 The first post gives you an idea of what Rochelle Moore is fabricating on all her Facebook groups (and spamming emails) to try to cover her arse on this plagiarism bust.

Poster: I've never read anything put out by this author or publishing company, BUT...mails I've received from the author's fanclub stated the reason for the 25% was because they cut out several pages of end notes and sourcing footnotes to reduce the page count to a more compatible size for cheaper publishing of the book. The lower number from the new publisher may be with the source citations re-added by the new publisher. The fanclub also has said the complaints all came from 1 coven group that has a personal vendetta against the author for some reason. I don't know today is the first I've heard of them.
Response from Robert Yarborough, Andborough Publishing:
Andborough Publishing did NOT cut any pages, end notes or footnotes to reduce page count. We still have all emails and electronic submissions chapter by chapter as sent from the author.

Go back and read my earlier post concerning the 25% and resource pages...not a factor.

Also, go check my post concerning plagiarism in general.

and the release:

To the first poster: regardless of where the complaints came from... Rochelle Moore is a plagiarist. Does it matter who calls the cops to tell them your house is being burglarized? The sole problem that a number of people in the pagan community have with Rochelle is that she is scamming to profit off the pagan community, and it's been known for a number of years.

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  1. hi
    Bustin chops a stupid name but then so is this entire page alongside the photo of the fool Robert yarborough who really is only advertising his small publishing company
    i know of the book religions of the world and it was written in x10 parts in 1825
    so shut the hell up u twat

    not one of u have an ounce of respect for yourselves and andborough is a sham proven by their own owners all over the web

    bustin chops
    more like asshole hiding

  2. Hi Rochelle/Sinead/Siobhan.. are not actually refuting any of the facts on this blog, you just pop in (from the same Dublin IP every time) and express your vulgarity. Well done! :)

    The James Gardner works -and their titles- are *properly* listed on the examination of BTTE's page 17 - the way you should have listed them.