Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To Facebook ...On A Platter

Dear Facebook,

Your Reporting system, banning, reinstatement & 'investigative' systems/policies are terribly flawed. Should you ever actually have a human being read this, all you need do is cross-check the following 'user' IP's to find the fraudulent (two) primary scammers behind them all.
Check the IP's; it's a landline and easily traceable. There are actually more fake profiles, and countless groups and pages - but these are a good start. Chops has faith that even Facebook staff can figure this one out, and Gmail can help you should you need assistance. They don't like their email services being abused, either.  ;)

UPDATE: Apparently a number of the above Sybil-esque alt accounts have indeed been banned from Facebook. Unfortunately and predictably, several new ones have appeared to take their place.