Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monkey's Paw, Cookie Jar

A picture is worth a thousand words.

When you Google the old Rochelle Moore Facebook group,  'Witches and Wiccans of Facebook hosted by Rochelle Moore' and then click the link, it takes you to Black Raven Coven/Lady Raven Avalon's page.

How could this be, you ask? Because Rochelle changed the page and group name ...but couldn't change the Facebook URL address without deleting the group and losing the previous members.

Why is Black Rock Coven using Rochelle's old cover art from the 2006 self-published of 'When The Levee Breaks?'  The book failed to sell and she apparently never payed to republish it, so she must have pulled it off the market and recycled the cover art when she invented the coven and her apparent new alt, Lady Raven Avalon.

Very large image, click to enlarge.


Rochelle Whelan Moore, Mary, Siobhan, Isabelle/Isodora Raven Avalon; whatever your real name is - why must you persist in trying to deceive the pagan community to sell your self-published books? Why not just be who you are, write honestly, and market yourself honestly?

Chops will never understand.

All Chops can say to anyone on Facebook who finds themselves involved with any of these groups or people is, don't take our word for it. Ask questions. Ask for real-life references. Ask their qualifications. Look at what they post (cut & paste 'spells' from all over the internet). Ask for the theory and intent behind the spells, ask why certain ingredients are used. If they cannot answer coherently and fully, you have frauds on your hands. Ask historical questions. If they revere Salem as the "Witches Holocaust", or claim to be descended from Druids, run away. Quickly.