Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Way or Highway

... the Black Raven Coven founder and administrator:

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Chops might point out that the real issues lie completely with Rochelle Moore/Raven Avalon, and they should be the ones addressing the posts in this blog. Everyone else is incidental, and Chops wonders why they are pressuring others to answer for them. .


Edit Update 12 Aug 2011:

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Chops is going to take this opportunity to directly address Raven Avalon/Rochelle or whomever she is, since she is quite focused on Chops this week. :)
Raven's quotes are in grey, italics:

A. “Some of you are aware of the current witch wars going on which have been started by a supposed pagan named bustin' chops (enough said)..”

1.There is no 'witch war.' People's choice of spirituality has nothing to do with the issues at hand, which are you, a few of your admins/members and the Goblin Hunter behaviors/Hate List.

2. Bustin' Chops is the name of a blog, not a person. However, to belittle the Chop's author/s assumed spirituality because you do not like what they have to say does not increase your credibility.

3. Chops did not 'start' anything, Chops merely reported the events, and actually quite a bit after they were in full swing.

B. “..which has led to the opening of a group against bullying on Facebook run by jacqueline.”

1. Jacqueline Bowser did not suddenly & altruistically start a group against 'general bullying.' She was an active participant with you & certain of your admins/members and the Goblin Hunter's Hate List and groups. She created the current page after all the other groups & Goblin Hunter profiles were removed by FB for hate content. Shortly after creating it, someone apparently realized the damage the Hate List had done to its promoters, realized they weren't looking reputable, and decided to change their tune; especially after some members questioned why a supposed anti-bullying group was itself targeting and bullying people.

2. This change of tactics was discussed in your group and her group; even to include the idea of accusing Hate List victims of being the Goblin. Chops has the screen shots of these statements should you desire them posted here.

3. To state that Jacqueline is “the true pagan here” is an implied insult to all other pagans; especially given her behavior and promotion of the Goblin Hunter and the Hate List against so many pagans, many of them leaders in the community. Chops wonders if what you really meant by that was to encourage her (and others) to continue to fight & obfuscate your battle for you.

Positing false 'spiritual litmus tests' of others based on whether you approve of their opinions or not is a classic manipulation technique.We see this in the post above this one, also.

C. “ Paganism for those who believe is to harm none and be balanced not to finger point and say I am a bigger pagan than you.”

1. There is no 'harm none' rule in Paganism. That's an incomplete, and therefore misleading, quoted portion of the Wiccan Rede. One would expect a 'Third-degree Gardnerian Wiccan,' as you claim to be, to know this.

2. 'Harm none' – even for a Wiccan, does not mean allowing or ignoring bad behavior. Your frequent invocation of 'Harm None' appears to be a subtle demand for others to ignore your behavior, and is demeaning to all sincere Wiccans.

3. The only person who ever mentioned anything about being big or high was Rochelle Moore, who had an alt 'reveal her to be' the secret “High Witch of Ireland” - several years ago.

D. “I am disgusted by at the behavior of so-called UK pagans or those worldwide who act in such a manner.”

1. You were called out on copyright theft, you followed it with lies and attacks, and it continues. No one likes being caught.

2. You are using the term 'pagans' to falsely portray this as a religious/spiritual issue. That is the pagan version of someone telling a Christian shoplifter that they are a thief, and the Christian yelling 'I'm being persecuted because I'm Christian.' Your behavior has nothing to do with paganism itself, except wherein it impacts the pagan community either financially or through negativity.

E. “So you have written a blog, so you have written an odd article, or perhaps say I represent the midlands area.....truth is you are nothing more than the rioters in London.”

"not your false world.."

This is directed at Daniel Griffith, better known as Chattering Magpie of the East Midlands Pagan Federation; and the Pagan Federation Regional Officer for Derbyshire. (The above comment from Raven Avalon towards him is the apparent result of his private conversations with Jacqueline Bowser over the last few days on Facebook - which apparently were shared by Bowser with Raven Avalon.)

Comparing real-world pagan UK leaders to the “rioters in London” simply because they do not agree with you is beneath warranting a response.

Chops will also point out that Mr.Griffith/Chattering Magpie stands with his real name and location, open about himself, his credentials and background, and his roles, past and present, in the pagan community. Raven, on the other hand, uses a false name, and apparently only exists online.

" (enough said)"

Enough said, indeed.