Friday, June 25, 2010

Amy Lamb Statement of Apology and Retraction

"On June 5, 2010, STARCLEAR Radio featured Irish Witch Rochelle Moore as a guest. We recommended her latest book, “Beyond The Third Eye”, to our listeners, and directed them to where to go to purchase it.

Subsequent to the show, on June 17, 2010, Rochelle Moore’s publisher, Andborough Publishing LLC at, made the announcement they had dropped RM as an author and pulled her book off the market due to plagiarism.

Upon contacting her former publisher, they (Robert and Pamela Yarborough) provided us with hard evidence of plagiarism.

Even more shocking was the evidence provided that RM had plagiarized an interview that Jeffrey Seelman had done with Russian online magazine, Pravda in 2007. Here is Jeffrey’s article, which he did for zero compensation:

Jeffrey still retains the original emails with Russian editor Aleksey Naumov, and we have forwarded these emails to the Yarboroughs so that they would have hard evidence in return from STARCLEAR.

For all of our STARCLEAR Radio listeners who, because of the show, or our recommendations, went out and bought Rochelle Moore’s “Beyond The Third Eye”, or any of her previous book publishings, we are deeply sorry. We regret having this person as a guest on our show and we regret recommending a book which we later found out to be nearly a complete cut-and-paste job that stole many good people's words for pure profit.

To RM:
I will let Jeffrey handle the bulk of addressing you, as it is his right, it was his words that were stolen, and therefore I will only say a few things here. You are not an author. Publishing cut-and-paste books and profiting off of them is stealing, not authoring. Operating like this hurts people. It hurts people who have worked very hard. When you make money from stealing words, you literally steal money from honest people’s pockets, and that is why plagiarism is a crime. You must stop this. No one knows more than I do how hard it is to make a living in this world. But this is not the way to do it. No matter how difficult your situation, sinking to criminal behavior is never ok. Please seek help to change your behavior, and to try to take responsibility for your actions. If you don’t, a court of law would have no trouble forcing you to take responsibility for your actions.

To Pamela and Robert Yarborough:
You are good and decent and honest people. We trust you completely. You have been wronged by RM as well as Jeffrey and I have been wronged by RM. You have been open, honest, and very supportive and cooperative in providing all of us with solid proof and indisputable evidence. We hope your publishing company has all the success in the world in the future. We hope everyone reading this will continue to support Andborough Publishing, as we plan to.

To the Fluffy Bunnies:
I have come to love this rogue band of justice-doers. While I cannot say I support your guerilla-style tactics, your hearts are in the right place. I operate out of a “justice theme” myself, so I understand. It is no coincidence that we have all been brought together in this scenario in order to right a wrong.

You all knew the truth. You were right.

I am so sorry for how frustrating it must have been to know the truth, yet not to be listened to. I am so sorry you knew the truth, yet had to watch, powerless, as RM sold more books, published more books, gathered more and more followers (some of whom have been unkind to you), and made media appearances.

It had to be incredibly frustrating for you, and I empathize greatly with you.

You can feel proud that it was by your persistence ALONE that was the catalyst to the truth becoming known. I am humbled and glad for the apologies, kind words of support, and good humor you all have expressed which have “carried” Jeffrey and I as we went through this gut-wrenching revelation.

Proud Bunnies carry on"
Amy Lamb 

Thanks, Amy. 

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  1. This is a wonderful statment, both hardline towards the offenders and sympathetic to those who have suffered.

    Amy, Jeffery and the Yarboroughs have all suffered emotionally and/or financially because of this fraud and they have my sympathies.

    To be told that the 'author' you have not only promoted, but defended, under a contract of good faith (written or verbal) is a thief and a liar by a group of people on the internet is one thing. To discover that they (the Bunnies) were only scratching the tip of an emotional iceberg is something different all together.

    The Fluffy Bunnies are a wonderfully unique collection of tactics and temperaments. Though cross words were said by us Bunnies I believe that this was and is born of the frustration that Amy mentions. The guerilla-style tactics that Amy refers to are not shared by all but even I can't argue with results. The softly softly aproach over the last year or so didn't work and the refreshing harsh directness of some of the Bunnies was, from out point of view, sorely needed.

    Speaking as a long term Bunnie, I'm glad that the Yarborough's, Amy and Jeff have found us to be a sfe harbour in the storm and would offer a standing apology for anything I may have said in the past regarding either couple. I can't remember everything I've posted and where and personally believe that it is better to apologise and retract than go around deleating things as a private individual.

    It's my hope that we can undo some of the damage that RM and Beyond the Third Eye has done and move forward. In my ideal world this would be to have all her publications pulled and her never again be able to be published but I may be being naive in this wish, still one can dream.

    There will always be people like RM, and the lesser evils of arse-rainbows and excessive and unrealisic amounts of love and light, and as a Bunnie I will continue to hunt for humour in my own Pagan community and if necessary I will bare my bunnie teeth.

    Violet Tattersticks
    ~finding the humour in her own beliefs~