Saturday, June 19, 2010

Siobhan/Rochelle Responds. On a blog.

Siobhan/Rochelle left this on Cymraes blog, in response to the reveal of her plagiarism on 6/17/10, and the publishers public announcement. I have reprinted this as she clearly states it is her 'official statement' and therefore is open to the public. She is also sending this to as many Facebook people as possible:

" June 19, 2010 at 1:30 pm Rochelle Moore

Dear lesley

here is a copy of my reply to Andborough Publishing and my official statement

“Dear Pamela/Robert,

It is is great distress that I read your posting on Andborough Publishing site. This book was fully vetted prior to publication as you are well aware from my email re: Resources. All material has been checked and cross-checked prior to you receiving same and I also informed you of the importance of having the Resources at the back of the book (in another email) to avoid this very situation. I am just back from Galway and on my way to Tara Hill for the Solstice celebrations however, I have arranged a meeting with my Solicitor for early Monday morning."

Duly noted that she does not address the fact that entire paragraphs in her book were stolen from other authors, and NOT given credit - hence why the book was pulled for plagiarism. Obfuscation.

"I personally pointed you towards the Coven of the Fluffy Bunnies site to show you false accusations and the fake photographs placed there by various people I also told you I would write to them once and once only and I intend to to this today. My new publishers have looke over BTTE and more importantly, the Resources section at the end of the book and they too have read your own posting on Andborough Publishing site however, unlike your company who as you yourself quoted as reacting in a “rash manner” in an email to The Agency; they seem extremely content that all aread of so called “plagarism” is not only completely unfounded but quite “unprofessional from a publishers point of view”. This does not auger well for Andborough who seem to have reacted “on a personal rather than a professional manner” and they are extremely happy to re-published the book with “complete editing which is, once again in their words “very unprofessional”.

I am at home this morning after a rushed journey back from Galway to deal with this situation and I hope that you see sense and retract this statement from your site outherwise I have no option than to take matters further. It is a shame that such a spiritual person has listened to people with false identities, an eye-opener that Andborough Published such a liabelous accusation based on “personal reaction” to the Fluffy Bunny site however, with regard to my book and my reputation, unless you see sense and calm down – bring back the spiritual person I believed I was dealing with over the past year, then I have no alternative than to clear my name publically."

Amazing accomplishments. Was traveling from Galway, claimed she was offline until the 20th, yet somehow has managed to see Andborough's release, have a flurry of nasty emails back and forth with Pamela (owner of Andborough) since Thursday, communicate and see what "The Agents" have been doing, contact a new publisher, they've already reviewed the entire book & agreed to publish, attempted damage control on her many Facebook accounts, deleting notices about the plagiarism, making groups private to hide info, come to several blogs to do damage control, etc. All this in a day and a half while not home; Andborough's statement was released at 7pm on Thursday, June 17th. Must be magic! ;)

Note 'gaslighting' attempt to Pamela.

"This is my one and only statement to the members of the Coven of the Fluffy Bunnies, as outlined to you “I will post once and once only” as I do not respect people who deliberately try to harass, threaten and write in under false names “even in my name as shown above”. I believe all of you have a lot of soul searching to do and I wish you well. My book will be reprinted exactly as is by my new publisher later on in the year after they have completed a professional edit and spell check e.g.: in the Resources site “the hold bible” instead of “the holy bible”.

Rochelle Moore “

To those of us in the know, this is hilarious, as Moore has at least 20 fake accounts that we know of on Facebook, which repeatedly spam her books everywhere, and even more on Gather, Bebo, Associated Content, etc. If some people have alternate identities on Facebook, it's to protect their real identities/family and friends, as Moore is brutal about getting people banned if anyone even questions a statement by her, disagrees or asks for a source. She keeps the 'Rochelle Moore' identity sweet as pie (gotta sell those books!), but the emails and posts in her other names are vicious; and all display the identical misspellings, lack of punctuation, capitalization (see first line of her 'statement above) and odd grammatical errors.

What she doesn't like is the truth.

No publisher would reproduce plagiarized content; they would be liable after a book was already pulled from the market for it and dropped by one publishing house. Should she self-publish with the same stolen content, she will be liable personally. For her to attempt to portray Andborough as if they didn't have a legitimate reason to pull her book is shameful.

Rochelle, we'll say it for the hundredth time; you steal other people's work, you lie, and have been doing so for years; you are scamming the pagan community for money. I invite you to this blog to disprove each example of your plagiarism on these many pages; you don't even need to register to comment.

Here's just one of many examples of her scamming. She obviously forgot she was on her main Associated Content ID when she left two comments praising one of her books:

The above is till up here. Surely not for long; Rochelle will pull the article off Associated Content when she gets wind of this faux pas.

I hope the Druids do a cleansing at Tara after she leaves - if indeed she goes. She's been very, very busy online the last few days for someone who supposedly just rushed home this morning to deal with all this. ;) (Where 'home' is is also the question, since in her previous StarClear radio interview she stated she had not been in Ireland in two years and was planning on going to Tara for Solstice.)

EDIT UPDATE: The two comments have been removed by Rochelle. ;)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Rochelle Moore - 'Beyond The Third Eye' book pulled from market for plagiarism

  ~  Lady Macbeth: "Out, damned spot! out, I say!  One; two: why, then, ’tis time to do ’t.  Hell is murky!"  ~
Andborough Publishing  has pulled Beyond The Third Eye from the market for plagiarism. We wish to applaud Andborough Publishing for this effort, and wish them continued success with legitimate authors. Please support them in this ethical decision by purchasing from them if they have a title you are interested in.

This is a major milestone in the five-year effort to show Moore for the plagiarist that she is, and we strongly encourage that the word be passed forward on this, and especially within the pagan community that she primarily targets.

For those who gave us all such a hard time over our whistle-blowing over the last few years:

We told you so.

And for the folks over at Andborough Publishing who are now experiencing the same threats and nastiness from Moore & Co that we have for years, we are sorry you have to deal with it, too.


- public statement released from Andborough Publishing, this afternoon:

Beyond the Third Eye Pulled from Publication

It is unfortunate but we have pulled the book Beyond the Third Eye by Rochelle Moore from publication.  After hearing complaints from readers we put the book through a plagiarism scanner and it produced a rating of 25%.  According to the software manufacture, any rating above 21% is highly suspect of plagiarism.
We conducted a random inspection of several passages the software identified as suspect and found word-for-word duplication from works that predated the book. No attribution was given for these passages.  The duplicated material varied in length from several sentences to multiple paragraphs.
This is truly unfortunate and will force us to change how we handle new manuscripts. In the past our authors sign a publishing agreement that states:
“a) Author warrants that Author is the author and sole owner of the Work or was assigned the rights delineated above; that it is original and contains no matter unlawful in its content, nor does it violate the rights of any third party including but not limited to rights of privacy, rights of publicity, libel or infringement of copyright or any other rights; that the Work is not in the public domain. Author also warrants that these rights are owned or controlled by him without encumbrance and that Author has full power to grant the listed rights to Publisher.”
We worked from a position of “Good Faith” that the authors were who and what they claim they are and had the rights to the work they presented as original.  Now we will have to put every manuscript to the test.  Thankfully modern technology has provided us a way to scan and compare against other digital works, it does however limit us to only digital comparisons.
We’ve had several people ask why didn’t we vet our authors better. Vetting in the publishing world is fact checking and fact checking is so time consuming that even local newspaper forgo this and expect the authors/writers to check their own facts. This is the case with large publishing houses as well.  A recent article in The New York Times tells the problems that befell Henry Holt & Company recently.  Not only did the author make up facts in the book but embellished his own credentials.
This was a sad week at Andborough Publishing. Our apologies."

We have also been told by Andborough that Moore does not own the rights to the cover image of Beyond The Third Eye, and her continued use and display of the book as it currently appears is illegal.