Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Character...you either have it or you don't..

Since Chops first began it's peek into the plagiarism of Rochelle Moore, much has happened, and the majority of it has played out in the virtual world of Facebook, where Moore has made her home for the last couple of years, forming group after group to try to garner fans (and book-buyers) from the pagan community.

Although she is well over 50 years old, she associates herself with the youngest and most naive of the pagan community, fostering friendships in private PM's, rarely saying anything on public boards. She & son Shaun have campaigned relentlessly against the Fluffy Bunny group who blew the plagiarism whistle (and has now had to go secret =EDIT Update: they finally managed to get the Fluffies group banned from FB=), successfully getting at least 15 people and 2-3 groups banned. Her and her son apparently have 30+ Facebook alts (Chops has a report that her husband, Richard - the former 'Kashmir Agents for author Rochelle Moore' - left her shortly after the plagiarism became public), and at least 15 groups and pages between them, covering paganism, marijuana, violent Irish nationalism and hate speech against England and Jews. They still have Irish tourism pages and groups, although after the Midsummer event fiasco, they deleted the tour 'company' gmail and associated PayPal account -rather quickly- after the organizations in both Ireland and the UK that monitor scams and tourism fraud were notified of their activities.

Anyone who criticizes her (or even discusses the plagiarism) is accused of witch hunting and subsequently attacked, smeared, lied about and Reported until they can kick in the automated Facebook ban system, which simply operates on an automated algorythm: xx numbers of Reports and an account is closed. No oversight, no human checks to see what's going on; if you can log into enough accounts and click Report enough times, you can get someones account instantly banned. (Way to go, Facebook; stellar asinine system.).

They have abused the Facebook system and intent of the site tremendously; we hope at some point Facebook will finally take notice!, and do a simple IP check on all those phony accounts, because what they are doing, essentially, is using Facebook to deceive and bully people, and possibly defraud them to boot

Oh yeah, and Chops is now on their target list. ;)  Mom's so proud!

"Also - we now have a new objective against Butt N Chops who are witch harassers"

You can see that here, their hate site designed to generate false 'pagan outrage' against the Fluffy Bunny group and Andborough Publishers; under the guise of ending all pagan and witch discrimination. Click See more to the left in their group info.

Chops can demonstrate Rochelle's character, however.

 Rochelle Moore claims she took 'Poppy Wild"s photo in NY:

(Poppy is an alt of theirs). The 'photo' Rochelle claims she took of her friend Poppy in New York   ....is a still from The Forbidden Kingdom, a 2008 Jackie Chan movie, filmed in China. The actress is Ni Chang (Li Bing Bing), the photo credit: Chan Kam Chuen. Taken in China. Please note that Elvira, Frederick, Poppy and Moore are all the same persons; either Moore or her son Shaun.

Then we have the sweet and emotional claim that this woman (another Moore alt), below:

 is "my late mother Dawn, a brilliant psychic."

Except the photo is of Mrs. B, a famous UK fashion icon who owns the chain of Brown's UK couture stores, very much alive:

..and so on. Chops could fill pages with this sort of deceits. You get the idea.

Soo...the wheel turns, the piper calls, and rumor has it that there are numerous lawsuits in the works against this dotty woman. Karma, and the Rule of Three - two oft-repeated and favorite phrases of Rochelles, appear to be preparing to pay a personal visit to her. We hope she'll be able to appreciate the irony.