Monday, August 29, 2011

They Are Legion: David Boyer aka Byron

See here and here for another rampant plagiarist, and the blogs that are assisting in stopping his many thefts. David Boyer aka David Byron aka a dozen more names has made a small and dirty career of brashly stealing from other authors, including Dean Koontz, Jeani Rector and dozens upon dozens of others.  

Quotes from his victims below. Note the exact same tactics as used by Raven Avalon & minions:.

Janrae Frank: "David Boyer stole stories from Jane Timm Baxter. The stories were under contract with Daverana Enterprises for a collection by Ms. Baxter that would include reprint and original material. When both Ms. Baxter and her publisher demanded that the book be removed (and indeed did manage to persuade Lulu to remove the title), Boyer dumped abuse on both of them that continues to this day."
Ferrel "Rick" Moore: "One of his practices as a “publisher” was to solicit manuscripts from writers and then to steal them, publishing them under his name or one of his many aliases. Which is why so many organizations in the US have issued warnings against him. Also, he stole stories from Storymania and published those under one of his many names. Another interesting tactic of his has been to blame his victims who have been spreading the word to protect other writers, trying to portray them as “stalkers” when in fact he was the original predator. This is known as the “I’m a victim” tactic."
Chops wonders if there is some undergound handbook being circulated amongst these unsavory people that they are all following, because that is the exact same behavior that Raven Avalon/Rochelle Moore uses. Amazing. Perhaps it's a genetic marker of some trait common to them all.

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