Saturday, August 27, 2011

Isadore Raven Avalon/Black Raven Coven Book Pulled by

'MAGICK FOR THE NEW WITCH & WICCAN - New seekers of the Mysteries on the Path of the Wise' pulled for plagiarism.
The 'coven book' which Raven Avalon claimed was authored by herself, & edited by Bram Darkraven, was today removed by from it's sales lineup due to plagiarism. Rightful authors of stolen material contacted with proof that their work had been stolen and Lulu responded immediately.

Cached page showing the books listed; current page showing them removed.

Chops strongly encourages these real authors to also contact AmazonPlagiarism claims are handled through this email address:

For a real-life example of the simple email process, see here, where an author has posted their email exchange with Amazon after dealing with another repeat scammer/thief.


  1. Well done, you. I hope that the rightful authors do contact Amazon and stop this juvenile, bullying liar from making money off their work. Good work.

  2. Excellent.
    Score one for the writers.

    Asshat plagiarist - hit the showers. You're all washed up.

  3. LMAO I am still waiting to hear from Amazon.

  4. I dunno who Raven is and I don't care. People steal stuff all the time, I don't bother generally. But it was pointed out to me by someone that I have the power to stop this person on behalf of other bloggers and writers who do not have the evidence or clout that I do on the matter.

    The Hedgewitch article has appeared in two online magazines (Witchvox and Mysticwicks)
    It has been read on my podcast (Standing Stone and Garden Gate) is on the podcast website, the Walking the Hedge website, my blog and hosted on other websites with permission. It has been discussed at length on various Pagan and Witchcraft forums.
    It has also been translated into other languages for non-english websites with permission.
    An expanded version of it is the first chapter of a book published by Pendraig publishing.

    She could not have picked a worse article to plagiarize.

    *shakes head*

    It's well known and well read and has a "paper trail" that leads back to 2005.

    I thought you'd like this pic:

  5. Much appreciated, Juniper, that you took the time to help. It matters, and in the case of this particular serial plagiarist, it mattered a great deal.

    Also meant to say - when I started looking over your pages for the plagiarized content, I had a difficult time not forgetting about the search - very enjoyable and informative read. Excellent quality, and I will recommend you everytime someone says "Oh a Hedgewitch is a kitchen witch" or "What's a Hedgewitch?"


    Offer stands if you ever need assistance with anyone filching your work.

  6. The books are still up there!! I just visited Lulu and could have bought a book if I wanted to.

  7. It can take a while. It also takes a while for the real authors to take care of. The irony is, she has to pay for any changes made to a book. If she removed Junipers material and then paid to republish, she'll be doing that numerous more times as authors contact LuLu and Amazon; and particularly since almost the entire book is numerous other people's work. .

  8. I can explain. There is no official hardcopy for independent publishing, but rather a e-file you can change the files.
    This is what happened. Raven removed the book file, made some changes (took out what she stole from me) and Lulu and Amazon allowed her to put it back up. Remember Lulu and Amazon are in it for the money, so long as they don't risk a law suit, they don't care.
    On the suggestion of my publisher I had my lawyer download a copy of the book before I contacted Amazon and lulu, so there is proof of her plagiarism. The new version that is up on Lulu and Amazon has had my stolen parts removed.

    ~ Juniper

  9. Right.

    She also has to pay Lulu everytime she has to make changes.

    If all the plagiarized authors contact Lulu, there'll be nothing left to the book. ;)