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On Visiting Facebook, and continued plagiarism

Following several requests for Chops to make an appearance on Facebook in the last week or two, and especially in the comment section here; Chops created a profile and page on Facebook. We posted in two groups that we were there, and directed anyone to our personal page who wished to speak directly to Chops.

We asked that discussions remain civil and factual, one issue at a time.

The next morning, Jacqueline Bowser claimed to have received a private message, and blamed Chops for it. Even after the person who sent the message publicly spoke up in Bowsers group and stated that she was the author of the message, Bowser continued to portray anger and blame Chops. She claimed she would not speak to Chops because of this message that Chops had nothing to do with. One can only assume that she never expected Chops to come to FB, and had to fabricate a reason to avoid speaking with us. This casts a significant pall on her previous claims of victimhood, in the comments here.

Two days after Chops arrived at FB, Bram Darkraven, admin of Isadore Raven Avalon's/Rochelle Moore's Black Raven Coven, posted to the Chops wall. After Chops responded to him, he deleted the entire conversation.

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Chops feels these actions more or less speak for themselves. It becomes increasingly apparent that none of the people actively involved in the Siobhan/Rochelle Moore/Raven Avalon/Black Raven Coven issues can refute a single claim on this blog. They have every opportunity, and continue to hide, obfuscate, and blame the whistleblowers.

Having been caught out as being Rochelle/Siobhans page, they are now planning on changing to another group page to break the Moore association, apparently:

The basic facts remain:

Raven's coven group page on FB is Rochelle Moore's Witches and Wiccans of Facebook; the title was changed in February when 'Raven' and the coven suddenly appeared online. The coven claims no knowledge of who Rochelle Moore is, yet coven admins who appeared online with Raven and the coven in Feb, linked to Moore's books on their Gather and Twitter pages (now removed.) and used two Moore book covers as coven logos.

On Facebook later, Raven again uses the two Rochelle (Siobhan) Moores book covers as personal and coven logos. When questioned, suspected alt Aidana Silvermist claims Rochelle gave Raven permission to use them. The artist who owned the rights to one cover was contacted, and confirmed that she was told this, and Raven then had to pay the artist a fee to continue to use the art. Coven still claims not to know who Rochelle is.

Raven Avalon appropriated two copyrighted internet photos from their owners, in one case even removing the artists watermark, before claiming both were of herself, photographed and painted by a friend.
The real artist painter confirmed her work was stolen and altered.
Following this exposure, Raven went on the attack, using her alts and group members to harass the whistleblowers. The coven posted Rochelle Moore's old Hate List from 2009/2010, and encouraged all members to report the people on the list and get them banned from Facebook. (Side by side lists can be seen in the previous post).

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The Goblin Hunter alt is created, Coven admins join him/her on all his profiles and pages, and s/he repeatedly creates numerous groups, spamming the Hate List and calling for everyone on the list (130+ Facebook pagans) to be Reported and banned. Most profiles and groups are removed by Facebook for Hate Speech.

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Raven Avalon continues to plagiarize. On her coven group info, it initially copied Ravensgrove Coven's information. This was changed, and the current info is palgiarized from uncredited web sources (see image below), yet signed by Raven herself. One wonders why a self-declared third-degree Gardnerian high priestess, who claims to have been teaching and running seminars for years, cannot write a simple introduction paragraph for her own coven statement.

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At this point, the coven members are still continuing to deny their involvement and promotion of the Hate List with attacks, obfuscations, denials and twisted tales. They continue to deny that Raven is Rochelle Moore. They cannot offer even a single explanation as to why their coven is Moore's group page - (among other things.) Raven still refuses to provide any credentials or verification to back her teaching and 3rd-degree Gardnerian high priestess claims, her location, and even her supposed "coven of 20 years." Offers to meet in her supposed Wiltshire location, in a public place, with well-known public figures of the UK pagan leadership are ignored. Any legitimate teacher would be willing to provide their credentials.
Rather ironically, Black Raven Coven has The Seekers Bill of Rights posted as a document:
"1. "The Right to Verify Credentials: Seekers shall not be obstructed from contacting persons who can substantiate or disavow the claims made by a group or teacher. In the case of elders who were inspired to create a new tradition, the seeker has a right to know the circumstances surrounding the inception of that tradition."
I suppose it's to lend a feeling of credibility to the group, and the newbies are afraid to ask.

Those who have read the 'coven books' report that they are a simplistic rehash of basic material found for free all over the internet. The coven 'Book of Shadows' is only 200+ pages, yet covers 60 topics; meaning each topic averages two pages each, front and back. Chops has not reviewed the book, but has had numerous confirmations of the above statements. The Coven charged for the books and also for lessons; they deny this but Chops has screenshots of the pages on this, and unless they have removed it, the post by Llewellyn David explaining the charges for lessons and to send them to an anonymous Paypal email remains in the coven Discussions.

Enough. The connection with Rochelle Moore following last years plagiarism (and re-self-publishing as Zara Alcott) remains quite clear. Chops warns Dear Readers once more about scammers trying to separate pagans from their money. Steer clear, and please pass the word to newbies, especially.


  1. Talk about a turn of events! If you'll excuse my candour, that group has devolved into a forum to share in the indecipherable and incoherent mood swings of its moderators, while having to wade through the worst crimes ever made against syntax and grammar. There are wheels within wheels behind the scenes and the members are not made privy to all information. I doubt even the moderators are. A total waste of time and energy.

  2. In response to the above, I am the person who was speaking with Jacqueline through private message. A link to your facebook page had been posted in the group, at which Jacqueline directed a lot of anger towards the blog. She messaged me saying that she was very angry and I asked her to calm down and go to you directly. From reading the blog, I had seen that you ask to be proven wrong on your facts. She stated that she would not, but became irate and began to associate me with the blog and her language became aggressive. I reasoned with her and said that I had tried to help, but that she didn't want to listen to me and ask that we talk about it when she was calmer. I have no idea why there was such a startling volte-face on her part nor why she now thinks that I have direct influence on you as I don't know who you are. I would like to state that I have deleted the messages as I was quite hurt and offended, but I am happy for Jacqueline to post the messages in her group, which I have left. At no point did I imply that I spoke for the blog; indeed I took pains to state again and again that I wasn't. Thank you for allowing me to offer my rebuttal. Emma.

  3. Thank you, Emma. It's seems pretty clear that Bowser was fabricating a reason to avoid Chops, who had been nothing but civil when she came to this blog and stated her position.

    That group is irrelevant. The culprit is Raven Avalon/Rochelle Moore (Siobhan Whelan Moore). To continue to provide drama to Bowsers group serves no purpose whatsoever. As long as Raven/Rochelle can hide behind the people she encourages to take the heat that belongs on her, they will continue to be her tools.

  4. Raven Avalon/Rochelle Moore (Siobhan Whelan Moore)is nothing more than a fraud and a trickster.

    Raven Avalon/Rochelle Moore (Siobhan Whelan Moore) hides behind fake names all over the internet using a few gullible people to help her perpetrate her frauds and schemes.

    The more people that know this the better. At some point Johnny-Law WILL catch up with her and her ilk. That you can count on.

    I shall frame that newspaper clipping.

  5. I'm inclined to agree with you; it is the only explanation for the events as posted above. I didn't want any misunderstanding in terms of my representing you, whioh I don't and would never claim to do because that would be a sort of plagiarism! Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to answer the claims made about me. I sincerely appreciate it as I was quite upset by the events and Jacqueline's subsequent behaviour towards me. Thank you for that. Every best wish, Emma.

  6. I too have been accused of being Chops by Bowser in an angry and incoherent tirade of abuse; this from the 'owner' of a group against cyberbullying!

    I'd like to publicly state, for the record, I AM NOT CHOPS NOR DO I WRITE FOR CHOPS.

    There is an agenda here amongst Whelans supporters; she either has them totally fooled or is them - or both even.

    However - as one who saw the now deleted post on Chops FB I can say repetition should be Siobhans middle name... once again the old reply stating the pictures were a (ahem) joke was rolled out!

    I'd like to see Siobhan et al tell that to the people they plagiarised.

  7. why? do you people care so much.. it just causes problems with other people I think you all being fooled.. I think you all are a bunch of bullies. your not warning, anyone you are just speading acussations On this moore character.who really cares. and what have you all done to stop all of it. All I see is you guys reporting all this on a blog.. thank you for your time.

  8. People do care when someone tries to repeatedly profit off the pagan community, portrays themselves as 'teachers' of newbies without being willing to provide claimed credentials, and persists in plagiarizing other peoples work for profit.

    If that doesn't bother you, that's reflective of your own ethics.

    Blowing the whistle on wrongdoing doesn't make one a bully; however, ignoring it after becoming aware of it makes you a part of it, whether actively or passively.

    As for problems with other people; it's entirely their choice if they want to create drama, and support a scammer.

  9. That's a rather large "book of shadows" for a would-be "Gardnerian." The various Gard "bos" variants average 60 - 70 pages in length and are very sparse in their content.
    The interesting thing is that Rochelle Moore claimed to be a "traditional" and a "hereditary" both of which regard "Gerald Gardner" as little more than a swear word.
    Additionally, material abstracted from Gwen Thompson and others who were *not* affiliated with Gardnerism and who are considered irrelevant to it, can be found in the "Raven Avalon" materials.

  10. People who don't like thieves are not bullies. People who defend thieves and dislike the reportage on said thieves are not worth replying to and need to examine their own conscience. All I see in the comments are people replying to charges made against them on some "cyber-bullying" (yeah, right) group and the others who think that group is a waste of time. Consider the character of the people you're defending before you post.

  11. I don't know what Mz bowser doing all i know she is really making some people mad.. But all I can say is that at least 10 members have left in the last few days and so did the drama.. it had been really quiet in her group.. no one is fighting anymore. there is no talk about Rochelle moore or the fluffy bunnies. could it be that the bunnies left and took there Drama with them? does make one wonder..

  12. accuse: to charge with an offense judicially or by a public process.

    intransitive verb
    : to bring an accusation

    a charge of wrongdoing

    Pretty much sums up what has been presented here in Chops about this Rochelle/Raven et al person(s). They're just a bunch of grifters roaming the internet.

  13. The above post is so thouroughly idiotic as to be alomost laughable, if this type of argument wasn't so frustrating. Chops has dislplayed blatant, irrefutable proof that LRA IS Rochelle Moore and you're going on about the bullying group??? Are you this gullible? So there's no chance that Bowser's bizarre accusations and odd behaviour would have directly contributed to people leaving? Nice behaviour from the admin of a cyber-bullying group. Stop wasting your time and ask that Raven liar about the similarities between her work and Rochelle's. That's the real issue.

  14. STILL I ask what have you done about any of this. I do not see anything has changed. Raven did come out and say something. so now the whole thing should be over.. I don't see that anyone is gone from facebook. so it can not be too much fraud going on. I see she still has her page and all again what have you really done to change any of this.. people will still go on being who they are.. Did it actually stop anything.. it all well and good that you want to warn people of these types of things but what good will it do if no one does anything about it

  15. Chops can only provide evidence. It is up to the plagiarized authors to have the books withdrawn by the publishers. It has happened, and will continue to happen. Plagiarism is exactly the same as stealing someone's paycheck; plagiarists steal someone's time, effort and work, and often, their profits.

  16. exactly.. so there. must be more that can be done..

  17. Saturday, August 27, 2011:

    Isadore Raven Avalon/Black Raven Coven Book Pulled by

    See the new post.

  18. Catherine Kileen
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    Catherine Kileen is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog. - SO RAVEN AND COVEN YOU HAVE PROVEN THEM WRONG WELL DONE
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    Catherine Kileen also the goblin
    3 hours ago

    Seems no matter how many times you tell idiots that your visit to facebook was temporary, they're still going to have to rattle the one working brain cell to actually believe it.