Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rochelle Moore

I had never heard of this person until this past month, when she was brought to my attention in some of the Facebook groups I frequented. I have since learned more about her than I cared to, but in doing so, discovered that she likes to steal other writers work and pass it off as her own; and is no stranger to outright lies.

Bad enough, but the reason she does this is to garner a small following of less-than-savvy people in Paganism, assumedly to buy her books on witchcraft and misc
ellaneous New Age topics which she self-promotes constantly, wherever and whenever possible. She rarely posts more than a line or two unless it is C&P or an online link, usually of someone else's work, but occasionally she will resurrect (the same couple of postings of) material from her book.

Bad enough again, but then there's her online world of Assoc
iated Content articles. Distinctly lacking in facts, and generally appearing to be cobbled-together from various online sources -as most of her writings apparently are- this becomes problematic along with 'bad enough,' for example, when giving a reader incorrect information on contraception - or worse, telling a nursing mother to drink aniseed tea until her colicky, crying, fussy baby no longer has any symptoms - when aniseed is a neurotoxin to newborns
Therefore, we are going to throw open the vast, anonymous windows of the internet and shed the purity of light and examination on her writings. Ideally this will also serve as a repository of proof for original authors trying to track infringement of their writings, as well as open a few eyes.
Nothing personal, Rochelle, but ...bad girl.

Siobhan or Sinead or Mary Moore Whelan 
aka Rochelle Moore aka Zara Alcott aka Isobelle Raven Avalon aka... Promotional photos and 2009 photo.

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