Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black Raven Coven - Witches and Wiccans of Facebook

Please see the previous post for context, if needed.

Black Raven Coven - Witches and Wiccans of Facebook was previously Rochelle Moore's Witches of Facebook group. She changed it's name (but left the old discussions up) when Lady Raven Avalon (and a slew of new alts) suddenly appeared (February 2011) with just-published Lulu trash, and a dozen brand-new accounts online at social networking sites, to promote her 'books' - and take over this group. (The Rochelle Moore persona is noticeably defunct.)

The group apparently exists to sell her 'coven' books, although it claims to exist to help newbies (as does her other group, here; basically a duplicate group to spam book sales). The group Info is loaded with links to purchase her books, and a quick perusal of the group will show no real discussion going on, just copy & paste blurbs straight off the internet - and that's what's in the books, too.
A second quick perusal will show all the same Rochelle Moore alts from last year as members of this - and the other groups (here, and here) now bashing the people and Fluffy Bunny group that busted Raven Avalon last month. The main people listed as the 'coven' are all alts of the same person:
Lady Raven Avalon (HP) (This personal page is just sales spam)
Eros (Wiccan) HP
Freya La Vey
Bram Darkraven
Llewella David
(more of their spam groups here & here.)

...and there are at least twenty-five more alts. Chops will be publishing a major list of all the alts shortly.

Chops truly wishes Facebook would cross-check IP's, and change their policy to associate IP's with accounts when they are created; it would put an end to this sort of abuse immediately. However, they have in reality made it even easier, with new changes, for scammers to get away with their nonsense and multiple accounts. (Go ahead, Facebook; we double-dog dare you to check the above IPs.)

Chops will leave you with a lovely example of the Black Raven Covens love & light & 'harm none' teachings - and remember they claim to be teaching newbies:

 click for larger image

Chops suspects Cantucci of either being an alt or a shill for you-know-who; (she was voracious when she went in the Bunny group to attack after the Avalon plagiarism outings).  

Rochelle Moore did the same thing last year in all her groups; rarely posting as herself; each group was managed by one different alt, with 'Rochelle' occasionally 'popping in' to say hello- and talk to her alts. - to our endless amusement.

Cheers, Dear Readers, and raise a glass to sheer persistence. I guess. :P

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  1. Checks on IPs would be of little use. It would be a great nuisance to legitimate users (anyone who lived with someone else also on FB would appear to be the same person), and is easily got-around by the determined fraudsters. Really, IP addresses are useful evidence when this sort of thing is happening (esp when they don't claim to be related in any way) but not much use in any sort of automated manner.