Saturday, May 15, 2010

Smoke & Mirrors

To diverge momentarily from the endless plagiarism chase:

RM writes:

"Rochelle Moore was born in Dublin Ireland to a family of artists, healers, posts and she is an eclectic witch. Her first book KARMA; a tiny book both inspirational and multidominational was written in 2005. Rochelle then went on to write Aromatherapy & Herbalism (Scents & Spells -beginners to mid-level) which really placed her on the international author's map. Book 3, Witch an Autobiography was released in January 2009 and Rochelle has appeared on TV, radio with the most recent interview in New York on the David James Live Psychic Show. Rochelle's newest book, released on 1st Mary (beltane) has rocketed her into international status and her agents ( are currently organising her worldwide book launch for BEYOND THE THIRD EYE - a journey into the realm beyond our phsycical existence. Rochelle has won awards in the Uk and the USA for her poetry and is a freelance journalist."

We've seen this promo spam countless times online, bad spelling and poor grammar included. But is any of it true? Not really. Her 'agents' are not listed anywhere, and all phone numbers to reach them are missing a digit or non-functional. She is invisible, except for the massive online promo spam. No one in Ireland can recall her 'famous' grandmother, either.

I found one mention online that corroborates this particular claim, however:

"..with the most recent interview in New York on the David James Live Psychic Show"

David James appears to be an online 'call in for a reading' psychic ($3.28 per minute). He doesn't have a New York show - unless you count a brief online blog 'radio show' a show, and toss in that he lives in NY (although he claims to be a Scottish seer here.). His blog, which appears to have begun in February 2009 and died in April 2009 -with six followers- mentions his 'show' being on an internet radio blogcast provided by The Spiritweaver. A search of Spiritweaver archives (& his blog) did not locate any Moore interview, although he did promote on his March 23, 2009 blog, four weeks before his final post, that Moore would be his guest. In any event, Spiritweaver is an online site where all persons are participating by phone.

There is not a single mention anywhere of any other Moore activity, poetry 'awards' or anything else - except in her hundreds of self-promoting internet notations.

Incidentally, what exactly is 'multidominational?' :)

UPDATE: There never was an agency; Kashmir Agents was Moore's (now former) husband, Richard, and named after a favorite Led Zeppelin. Her 'international poetry awards' were not plural, it was one from, where anyone that fancies themselves writers and poets can post their writings and then vote for each other. The link takes you to Siobhan (Rochelles) member profiles.


  1. Whoever you are you are full of crap!
    You hide behind a stupid name
    you are actually good for nothing except negativity
    what have you personally achieved?
    Nada, Zilch and Zero

    All the information you provide is bullshit!

    Rochelle and Anuna pulled out of the Solstice celebrations months ago and had nothing to do with organizing it.

    then you say ohhhhhhhh so much and yet so little
    You have not got a clue do you? Just a big blob of worthlesness


  2. Perhaps you could demonstrate something to the contrary, disproving my post. :) I welcome truth in any form, please feel free to contribute, I will happily post it.

  3. Sounds like Moon Elder off Facebook to me - nasty and with out substance. Proof of how things in the Rochelle Moore world can be - not nice; full of hot air and seriously disturbed/ing... :/

  4. 'Negativity' has apparently become the catch-all phrase for anything someone personally dislikes nowadays, too. :)

  5. So, tell me Sehnga, what exactly DOES your name mean? No, seriously, I know it's Celtic or something, but explain, please. I'd like to know as Mr (or Mrs) Anonymous(e) thinks it stupid and I'm sure there is a very good explanation behind you choosing it. So, spill the beans... please :o)

  6. To Anonymous:

    "Rochelle and Anuna pulled out of the Solstice celebrations months ago and had nothing to do with organizing it."

    Then perhaps you could explain why the expensive pre-registration fees were directed to be sent to Rochelle's husbands PayPal account via his Gmail? The one they quickly deleted after all this came to light?


    Scottish Name Meaning - the slender one
    Origin - Scotland

    Not the slang term. lol