Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Consumer Alert: Beware Rochelle Moore 'Events' Requiring Non-refundable Deposits

Please be very cautious of any 'events' requiring non-refundable deposits involving Rochelle Moore, her 'agents,' her relatives (Moore, Whelan, et al - see below), and especially involving day tours (magickal tours) in Ireland or pagan events (Midsummer, etc.) 
Apparently there are ongoing investigations by authorities into possible deliberate fraud by the above parties. From a group facilitator for listing pagan events in Ireland:
Greetings one and all.

This is a quick message for the benefit of members.

For those unaware the "Litha/Midsummer Ball" which has been porported to be hosted by author Rochelle Moore and company has been brought into serious question.

If anyone was considering attending and had paid the €50 deposit could they please contact the authorities ASAP. It appears that Glendalough Hotel where the event was due to happen has no confirmed booking for this event. (Sehnga EDIT: Bernie at the hotel, who had handled the supposed 'booking' for this event is extremely upset, and Moore & Co has vanished. You may contact the hotel at Telephone: 00353 (0)404 45135  Fax: 00353 (0)404 45142   Email:
PIE cannot confirm details and has attempted to contact parties involved to no avail. While we must concede this does not equate with proof of guilt or wrong-doing we did feel that in good conscience a warning MUST be issued to all members ASAP.

We'd also like to apologize to members for any disruption these messages may be causing. We are currently revising our submission process for the advertising of events to secure the safety of members in so much as we are capable. As always we must continue to caution members against releasing personal details online or making payments for ANY event without first checking all details are true and correct. Mistakes can and do happen.

Best wishes,

Forum Facilitator
Website:   Facebook Group: Pagans in Eire
Níall MacShiúrtáin 15 May at 22:42


We have received an updated message from Níall MacShiúrtáin:
"Níall MacShiúrtáin May 19 at 11:00am Reply
Sorry about this for folks whom this is old hat.

After my last message to the group Isault from Irish Pagans contacted myself to clarify some misnomers I held. First, Irish Pagans offer to advertise events from around Ireland that may be off interest to the Pagan Community. They do not get involved in the organisation or the hosting of the events directly. So I would like to thank Isault for contacting PIE/myself and helping to clarify matters.

As for the "Litha/Midsummer Ball" which was due to be held in Glendalough. Speaking specifically of the Litha Ball, Isault was able to inform myself that Rochelle Moore along with a band due to appear pulled out of the event due to some internal disagreements between the organisers. It seems as though the remaining organisers intend to host the event at another venue which remains undisclosed at present.

I'd also like to extend apologies to Rochelle Moore if any of our previous comments reflected negatively upon her. This was most certainly not the intended effect.


I think Níall is very sweet and very politically correct, but his apology to the dodgy Moore & Co is premature, to say the least. The entire event was being orchestrated by Rochelle and her family members:

click to enlarge
  Google Earth puts 7 Carmanhall Building in the middle of a street intersection; can anyone verify this 'office' exists - and why isn't there a phone number? There used to be - but it was phony. 
A last warning regarding any groups, organisers, events, etc on the Internet:

If the only method of contact is email, beware.
If they require a high non-refundable deposit, beware.
If the only method of payment is PayPal, be extremely aware. PayPal is a third-party processor, and anyone can open a PayPal account and later disappear if they choose; there is nothing you can do to pursue them. You can complain to PayPal, but if they are a rip-off & run, your money is gone, and the most PayPal can do is close their PayPal account. If they have withdrawn their PayPal funds daily, there's nothing PayPal can, or will, do. If you have paid through PayPal and do not normally use PayPal, if you try for a refund you will have to let PayPal access your personal bank account.

I have run a successful internet business, dealt with PayPal extensively, been involved in internet security, and my husband is an IT professional who deals with security, databases, etc ad nausum. Please be very careful. Any legitimate group will have a verifiable street address, phone, contact people you can reach & actually speak to, and will accept payment methods other than PayPal. You should also be able to confirm the venue booking with the location host.


  1. This is very worrying-I just hope all deposits are honoured; that is if there are any!

    I heard (well read) a rumour on FB that the event has been moved to County Meath, I think it was, tho' no other info has been released. Well that's rumours for you, vague at the best. But the old saying, there's no smoke with out fire has been humming around my head for a while now...

  2. Before the event listing was pulled, the terms stated that deposits were non-refundable.

    And apparently this is a tad more than just rumour; authorities are involved, but the process is ongoing. I can't post anything else here that's documented yet.

  3. Violet TattersticksMay 20, 2010 at 5:01 AM

    Not all the listings have been pulled, there are a number of pages on FB and blogs that are still advertising this event.

    However, apart from the occasional comment about Count Meath there are no firm details countering the reamining adverts.

    Strange that...

  4. And still here,


  6. oh and here,

  7. Some one had this from one of rochelles socks ,

    its the only mention from them I have seen that the ball was moved.

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    Poppy Wild Hi wolfstar whats this all about? I am going to a midsummer gathering so if you want to know more just email me. I have my ticket and it is in a place called County Meath in Ireland. I have not got a clue what you are talking about to be honest.
    17 May at 10:29 ·

  8. Sure can; and nary a mention of venue change or anything. Does the blogger know of the crap surrounding the event he posted?

  9. I wouldnt hold out on the blogger being any other than a moore or a whelan.

  10. Too literate/well-written. ;)

  11. We have seen these before, why the links to Ipswich ?? Did you know she was the mascot for a speedway club down there.. or so her fans said..the same fans who stated she was the High Witch of Ireland. Yet no one in Ireland has heard of her ?

  12. I inquired of the speedway about that, from their website. Haven't gotten a response yet. ;)

  13. ah belt up u assholes
    she was in Tara Co Meath for the Solstice
    ur just twats

  14. More amazing literacy from the Moore contingent.


  15. Yo guys
    Totally out of order. Rochelle has nothing to do with event company. Bernie in hotel issued her with an apology and you have it toally assways
    Rochelle never got a deposit as it was nothing to do with her she was being paid to host it and not that much as she was doing a favor

    All deposits given back by hotel and bernie is furious you have brought her into this as is the hotel owner who has seen this posting.

    Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong
    as usual but what can anyone expect from a mob of fools

  16. u will probably delete this but here is the facts

    you state
    "RS Consultants
    The Agency - see below
    Celtic Magickal Tours & Promotions-liquadated
    Siobhan Moore Whelan - rochelle's daughter
    Shaun Whelan - rochelles son
    Kashmir Agents - rochelles agents (the Agency) " rochelles agents (the agency)

    wrong wrong wrongy wrong wrong wrong

  17. I don't delete comments. People have a right to give their opinion. Unfortunately, the few anonymous comments that have been left at this blog are usually insults, nothing pertaining to facts. I am happy to hear a different viewpoint if someone would like to offer one.

    Should Bernie or the hotel owner wish to contact me or leave their version of what happened, I would be happy to hear it, and would issue a retraction here if I knew it were them and they contradicted my statements. However, please note that Bernie is not 'furious' at me...nor anyone else. Nor did I 'bring her into it.' Please read entire post. ;)

    Further clarification:

    Kashmir Agents and The Agency were nothing but two of Rochelle's (now former) husband Richards Gmail address; it didn't exist in anything but the ether as an email addy.

    RS Consultants is a (non-mail) small courier business; I am assuming the former hubbies.

    The deposits could not have been refunded by the hotel because they were not directed to be sent to the hotel; they were directed to Moore's family Gmail/PayPals.

    Any further nonsensical anonymous comments to add?